IGXE Advancing to South America

2011-02-18 16:15 1060

CHONGQING, China, Feb. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- As a seven-year virtual currency player succeeding in the world's online gaming trade market. IGXE previously put more emphasis on the North American market, however, IGXE has now made up its mind to enter the South American Market with more investment.

According the latest survey, game products such as WOW Gold, EQ plat, RIFT Gold and EVE isk are in high demand in the South American market. Large increases in game products sales indicates that IGXE is becoming more and more popular in the market of this area, especially in Brazil -- most Brazilian WOW players regard IGXE as their first choice. To guarantee the plan to come through, IGXE is determined to enhance the following points in the near future.


IGXE will make a distinction between former advertising strategies due to every area having its own specifics. Based on the new plan, more advertisements, especially WOW gold ads, will be put on main stream websites and forums in South America. This ensures that it can run targeted ads and avoid the advertisements that can not effectively reach the target population and the resulting waste.

Cooperate with competitors

Development of games and the internet cause a major change in the market cake, as everyone has the opportunity, but no one could swallow it alone. Making cooperation with local competitors is the best way to achieve win-win targets. "Sharing resources and sharing market cake is something we have always upheld with conviction," said by Kevin Fenn, CEO of IGXE," Regarding our competitors as partners is the inevitable resources transparency arrival under the modern business mode."

Improve language service

Most South American players speak Spanish or Portuguese, however, IGXE only provides English, French and German language services. In order to improve client satisfaction, IGXE has begun preparing for more languages services. Users will have a greater experience in various language services in the near future.

Adjust product structure

IGXE will undertake an in-depth survey among South American players to adjust the structure of game products. Except for hot products such as World of Warcraft Gold, Runescape Gold, Atlantica Gold and so forth, IGXE will launch new products which are popular in this area.

Price adjustment

Some players hesitate to buy WOW Gold, not because they are afraid of being banned, but because they are worried about how much that is going to cost. IGXE always provide WOW Gold with low prices among the whole virtual currency trade market. Prices for certain goods will be adjusted to fit local situations. Customers can enjoy a unique experience in IGXE with minimal cost.

Source: SoftIsland Co., Ltd.