Biggest Promotion on MMOXE Launched

2011-03-01 17:13 1133

CHONGQING, China, March 1, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Recently, IGXE has announced a great offer on RuneScape Gold, offering a 3% discount on all RuneScape Gold purchases until 21st March.

The latest survey from the whole virtual currency market shows that demand for RuneScape Gold saw sharp rise in the last 2 months. As a successful four-year trader in the internet game exchange market, MMOXE decided to return regular customer with this great offer. Asides RuneScape Gold, customers can get the discounts on a series of hot sellers, such as WOW Gold, Atlantica Gold, EVE Isk, EQ2 Plat and so forth.

The main purpose of this offer is intended to give back to regular customers. In another hand, taking advantage of this RuneScape boom to attract more new customers takes an important position in this activity as well. There will also be a lot of hot offers going on around clock.

Providing discounts for World of Warcraft game products is the longest promotion MMOXE offers to customers. No matter new or regular the user is, they will certainly get a proportional discount while ordering. If a WOW player buys WOW Gold at MMOXE, the pre-sale service will offer him the best discount link before making an order. The discount rate for wholesalers is higher than average rates; it can guarantee that every customer can get cheap WOW Gold with a security transaction at MMOXE. Even with this game already being launched 7 years, it's still taken the top position in MMORPG world. With this factor, World of Warcraft Gold also leads the entire virtual currency market, most trade platforms regard it as their lifeblood.

While the game Rift is in an ongoing releasing process, demand for Rift Gold is increasing day by day. Statistical data from the Rift official site indicates that registered users have passed one million players. Some experts even predict that Rift game will replace World of Warcraft in the near future. In order to develop new markets, MMOXE also will formulate a series promotion around this highest potential product.

About MMOXE Sale Promotion

MMOXE always stick on sharing the cheap and quality goods with all customers. MMOXE assures that customers will receive the goods within the timeframe mentioned in the selling agreement. This is usually within 20 minutes from the delivery. With their special features of gold promotion you as buyers can save lot of money. There are instances that some professional players have saved about $ 100 per month by using this feature. If perform transaction wisely you may be able to save more money.

Source: Softisland Co., Ltd.