MMOXE Launches Three New Products

2011-03-10 18:04 1315

CHONGQING, China, March 10, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- According the latest news on the PC game market, lots of new games have been released in March. MMOXE, as one of the biggest traders in the virtual currency field, keeps in step with developments and updates. As such, three new products are now being offered to customers at MMOXE.

To be different from other sites, MMOXE always provides diversified and comprehensive goods for game players. Customer can add more than 70 products across 40 different games in their shopping carts. In order to satisfy every customer's requirements and interests, MMOXE sticks to launching new game products which customers wish to get, despite sales mainly coming from hot sellers, such as Rift Gold, RuneScape Gold and Dragon Age Key. The new arrivals added to MMOXE sale list in these days are Dragon Age II CD Key, Assassin's Creed CD Key and Crysis 2 CD Key. MMOXE conducted a survey through professional PC game players that indicated that these three games have already attracted numerous players' eyes for a long period. Mr. Vinson, the supervisor of the marketing department said, "We have a professional market research group to collect and update data timely. Not merely do we master high technology and mature skills, our abundant member sources bring us real and effective feedback in a timely manner."

Unlike MMORPG, PC game players just need to purchase a CD Key code and then they can start their game journey without further expense. But gamers who prefer MMORPG will spend more money and time while they are playing. Take the example of World of Warcraft. WoW players usually need to buy cheap Wow Gold, items, even power leveling services after characters have been created. Offering services for MMORPG products is the primary business of MMOXE due to the internet game market's rapid development in recent years and holds most of the market.

As with its virtual currency products, MMOXE also provides a fast delivery for CD Keys. If a player will spend about 20 minutes to get their WoW Gold, CD Key codes can be sent within 5 minutes to the customer's email box. Players that are afraid of facing stock issues while they ordering a new product, will never get this problem on MMOXE. With 5-years of development, MMOXE has mastered abundant experiences to deal with any cases and built a good relationship with suppliers. All measures guarantee customers will enjoy the best service on MMOXE, no matter what they are purchasing.

There's still a lot of new products to be launched in the near future. Gamers may go to MMOXE's official Facebook fan page or follow MMOXE's Twitter page for the latest updates.

Source: SoftIsland Co., Ltd.