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IQAir Air Purifier Won China Government Procurement's "Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Contribution Award"

2015-01-07 16:05

BEIJING, Jan. 7, 2015  /PR Newswire/--The China Government Procurement Summit, attended by government procurement departments, industry associations, professional accreditation organizations and industry suppliers, was held in Zhuhai recently. IQAir | HealthPro China, a firm with roots in Switzerland and now the high-performing leader of the air purifier industry, was granted the China Government Procurement Award - Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Contribution Award, one of the highest honors in the field of government procurement. The concepts of "safety" and "green" were mentioned multiple times at the summit. IQAir | HealthPro China's garnering of one of the few awards in the industry demonstrates that the firm was credited once again by government procurement authorities for its energy conservation technologies and achievements and highlights its excellent performance in this field.  

Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Contribution Award
Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Contribution Award
Government Procurement Summit
Government Procurement Summit

At the summit, IQAir | HealthPro China was invited to make the keynote speech about the industry. Through an analysis of the status of China's air pollution both indoors and outdoors, IQAir | HealthPro China elaborated for the audience the hazards of air pollution to human health and provided practical advice on how to improve indoor air quality from a professional perspective, citing such steps as avoiding smoking indoors, developing and promoting the use of low-pollutant-emission interior materials and products, maintaining sufficient fresh air volume, diluting air pollution caused by indoor air sources and choosing proper air purifiers. In concluding the speech, HealthPro China, in its position as an air purifier provider known for high quality and professionalism, advocated the establishment of new industry criteria for current air purifier markets flooded by a mix of high and low-quality products.

IQAir | HealthPro China has made remarkable achievements in the field of government procurement. To cite an example, as the only option available worldwide to the Hong Kong Hospital Authority during the SARS outbreak in 2003, IQAir provided a powerful guarantee for the prevention of the spread of SARS during the epidemic. At the time, the Hong Kong government's Electrical and Mechanical Services Department carried out a series of rigorous tests on the applicability and performance of numerous air purifiers on behalf of the authority, requiring that the actual filtering rate of the product on particles greater than 0.3 microns reach 99.97 percent. In independent tests, IQAir AG's purification products stood out with their excellent filtering capabilities, becoming the standard product used by Hong Kong hospitals at that time.

Worth a mention is that a large proportion of government procurement during the SARS episode was the IQAir AG's HealthPro 250, a versatile purifier that can be used in both homes and offices and another popular product made by the Swiss firm in addition to its lines of professional military and medical products. By use of the "HyperHEPA" filter element technology, an exclusive technology of IQAir AG, the purification efficiency of the HealthPro 250 filter element can reach H12/H13 levels, ranking among the best in the industry. Such a configuration can not only achieve a purification efficiency of 99.5 percent on particles greater than or equal to 0.003 microns, but also truly deliver zero-particle exhaust on particles greater than 0.3 microns—meaning that any air treated by the Health Pro250 is truly clean. Furthermore, IQAir's full range of products are all based on physical purification methods and, as a result, do not produce any charged particles or ozone, eliminating all possibilities for secondary pollution.

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About IQAir AG:

Swiss IQAir AG, founded in 1963, is a family firm specialized in air purifiers. Through 50+ years of continuous and devoted research and development, IQAir AG provides comprehensive solutions to the purification of indoor air, including the HealthPro series of products for homes and offices, the Perfect 16™ series for central ventilation systems, the CleanZone and CleanRoom series for large indoor areas, and the Dental series for dentists' offices. IQAir also produces laser particle detectors which accurately detect the concentration of particles in the air.

About HealthPro® China

Swiss IQAir AG has adopted the agency model in several countries. HealthPro® China is Swiss IQAir AG's only authorized general agent for its air purifiers in mainland China. Since HealthPro® China's formal establishment in 2006, the firm has been committed to providing professional indoor air purification solutions for Chinese users. With its high quality, diversified product lines and professional after-sales service guarantee, HealthPro® China is striving to create a healthier and better quality of life. For more information please visit:

Source: IQAir China
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