omniture Is Celebrating its 10 Millionth Member this Weekend

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NEW YORK and LONDON, Oct. 31 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- What do we know about the forces of our times? Bill Gates believes that five years from now, people will have abandoned traditional television for the flexibility and convenience of online programming. Arthur Sulzberger, the owner of the New York Times has said that he does not know whether they will still be printing the world renowned Newspaper or if they will be simply publishing it online.

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Five years ago, was launched and in the space of 5 years, has become the leading webcam chat site on the internet.

This weekend will be celebrating its 10 millionth member. Just to contemplate a figure as large as this is mind boggling and one must keep in mind that there are 140 independent countries in the World that do not have as many citizens, the population of New York City is not even close, and in fact only 6 states in the USA have a larger population than 10,000,000.

Members at do not have an anthem or a flag in common, they come from every conceivable part of the planet but they have one thing in common, their membership and access to the ImLive "secret". The internet has given us a platform which seems to supersede any other type of affiliation, realizing some form of a new world order. So what is the secret behind

Carole Wood, ImLive's spokes person explains it: "In the World we live in today, we are all busy doing the things we need to do, we need to work, we need to pay bills, we need to pay rent, we need to travel in rush hour, we need to take care of others we have many needs in our everyday lives but how much time do we spend doing the things we want to do? Well is the place we make these things happen, we focus on the wants and desires and leave the needs behind upon login. 10 million members understand this factor and choose to do what they want and not what they need and we are welcoming 12,000 new members a day who realize this psychological necessity.

We also understand the need to remain on the cutting edge of technology and employ a creative team of over 100 people to achieve this target. In addition to this we are committed to do our best for our members in the best atmosphere we can create. It is not trivial that 10 million members, most of whom pay for services on, choose us over the many free sites that are on the net today. To celebrate this special occasion ImLive is throwing a huge online party, in which ImLive will display why it's possible to do what you want and not what you need."

A member of ImLive who chooses to identify him/herself as OOO*** has said about ImLive "I just love spending my free time on IMLIVE. It truly is the most fun, exciting, and interactive on-line video and chat experience. I would recommend IMLIVE to anyone who wants to get in, get live, and get going."

Is the answer to world peace this ImLive message? Perhaps or perhaps not, nevertheless in the meanwhile, as we continue to struggle for self determination in the real world, we can party on in the cyber one, together with and its ten million members, who already know what they want.

The 10 millionth member bash will commence on Thursday 1st November 4:00 a.m. US Eastern Time. through to Monday 5th November 4:00 a.m. US Eastern Time. During the party the 10,000,000th member will be joining and the lucky person will win $1000 of real credit in the account. On top of this, the 10 biggest spenders will each win $200 in real credit and to top it all off, every single member will receive a gift of $10 free credit when making their first credit purchase during the party. It's a celebration for all and you are invited to join the festivities and to do what you want to, for a change! (,4 ) was founded in 2002 and is today the leading webcam chat arena on the internet. ImLive serves as an online community to over 18,000 thousand expert hosts and 10 million members from all around the globe. Membership is free to all, over the age of 18 years and is extremely user friendly.

Members can connect with expert hosts in every field and information exchange and demonstrations in hundreds of subjects occur in real time through Video Chat and chat using the most advanced technologies available.

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