Inagiku at StarWorld Macau Presents Delicacies of Winter Fresh Catch

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HONG KONG and MACAU, Jan. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Japanese cuisine is known for placing a strong emphasis on the seasonality of ingredients. Renowned for its attentive "Asian Heart" service, StarWorld Macau and its star-rated Japanese restaurant Inagiku are delighted to present a new seasonal menu. It includes an array of seafood delicacies, such as "Marinated Angler Fish Liver", "Braised Angler Fish in Paper Hot Pot", "Cod Fish Milt in Yuzu Vinegar", "Cod Fish Milt Tempura", "Grilled Buri Fish with Sea Salt or Teriyaki" and "Grilled Hokkaido Kinki with Rock Salt", designed to appeal to its guests to celebrate the start of a fruitful year with their beloved friends and family in Macau.

The new menu combines precious seafood ingredients, skilful cooking techniques and attractive presentations, bringing guests' sensational enjoyment to a new level. In addition to the house's signature "Homemade Bean Curd in Hot Pot" and "Cutlet Japanese Oysters", Inagiku is bringing warmth to its guests with new seasonal offerings in this freezing winter.

Angler Fish Liver is regarded as a premium delicacy in Japan, being as highly praised as foie gras in France. Angler fish is a deep-dwelling fish with delicious taste; besides the fish bones, the whole fish can be eaten. In Japan, the value of Angler Fish is almost as high as the celebrated puffer fish. It is also a good source of protein and rich in vitamins. The seasonal menus themed with Angler fish is very popular in January each year in Japan, where the fish is treated as a primary seafood ingredient by Japanese people.

Marinated Angler Fish Liver is seasoned with a homemade blend of sweet and sour sauces. The blushing pink fish liver is presented in an elegant glass bowl with sweet carrot dressing on the side, providing a light flavored yet tasty start to the guests' gastronomic journey.

Braised Angler Fish in Paper Hot Pot is one of the signature dishes that can reflect the Japanese pursuit of perfection. Guests will experience the appetizing scent from the decorous paper hot pot before tasting the braised angler fish soup. The paper pot reduces the oily flavor of the fish and preserves the authentic taste of the precious ingredients. Its graceful presentation will even arouse the appetite before eating the angler fish fillet.

Cod Fish Milt in Yuzu Vinegar
Cod Fish Milt in Yuzu Vinegar

Cod Fish only returns to the North of Hokkaido for spawning in winter, so Cod Fish milt is another ingredient found in winter and considered as a delicacy in Japanese fine dining. The chefs of Inagiku chill the Cod Fish milt with crushed ice to preserve its freshness and echo the winter decoration theme. This delicate milt is seasoned by Inagiku's special yuzu vinegar sauces, together with Japanese onions. The chef also recommends guests to pair the dish with the house's selected sake, enhancing the unique flavor of the milt and, at the same time, amplifying the mellow taste of rice in the sake.

One of the most popular signature dishes of Inagiku, "Inagiku Tempura Platter", is deep-fried with a premium, 100% natural sesame oil from Japan, which lightens the oiliness of a traditional Tempura. This dish is cooked and served upon order so guests can appreciate the crispness with a hint of the sesame oil flavor. For Cod Fish Milt Tempura, the chefs skillfully deep fry the fresh cod fish milt briefly to give it a crispy yet creamy texture.

Besides those newly launched seasonal dishes, the chefs of Inagiku have specially introduced Grilled Buri Fish with Sea Salt or Teriyaki and Grilled Hokkaido Kinki with Rock Salt. These fish are imported directly from Japan and available only in winter. The chefs grill the fish to bring out their original rich and intense flavor. A small amount of Japanese carrot dressing served on the side provides a hint of fresh and sweet taste to reduce the oiliness of the dish.

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With more than 100 years of heritage, Inagiku Japanese restaurant opened its first and the only branch in Macau at StarWorld Macau in 2006. This renowned Inagiku features a stylish and modern interior in red and black tones, with sleek Japanese dining tables, a dazzling sake bar and glamorous VIP rooms, which showcase the eatery's artistic taste and decent ambience. The traditional Japanese sculptures and lighting in the restaurant reflect the harmonic blend of Macau's East meets West culture, shaping a total dining experience to all guests.

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