MEXPO/MCONFERENCE to Debut in Shanghai

2011-10-09 22:05 1093

SHANGHAI, October 9, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- A new branded event named MEXPO and MCONFERENCE is to debut in October 26 in Shanghai. The "M" prefix refers to "Marketing", "Media" and also "MeiHua", the host's name, according to the organizer's statement. It is designed as an annual event targeting marketing professionals in China.

With the booming of new media, mobile internet and ecommerce, the whole marketing industry is fast evolving with a lot of new technologies, service models and creations. This trade show brings over 100 industry leading vendors as presenters and exhibitors. Unlike the commodity sector, the communications industry has no standard products that can be easily compared. An extensive trade show has been wanted by the industry for a long time.

"Many business owners put marketing as their primary concern in the China market. They are hungry for information and resources that can help them achieve better marketing performance. That's also why MeiHua's trade site receives a continuous growth in traffic in recent years. Over 11,000 marketing professionals have signed up for the event," said Phil Ren, the founder of MeiHua Information.

MEXPO will have its debut year in Shanghai, and will also become part of Creative Industry Expo 2011, which is a Shanghai municipal government sponsored trade show complex.

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Source: MeiHua Information