Mr. Liang Xinjun, Fosun Awarded "Chinese Business Leader of the Year"

2011-11-09 12:35 1117

VALENCIA, Spain, Nov. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- In recognition of his outstanding entrepreneurial spirit and tireless contribution to China's sustainable economic development, Mr. Liang Xinjun, Chief Executive Officer of Fosun International Limited ("Fosun" or the "Company") (HKEx stock code: 00656) was awarded "Chinese Business Leader of the Year" at the Horasis Global China Business Meeting in Valencia, Spain today.

A jury led by Horasis, an internationally-renowned business strategy consultancy, and Baker & McKenzie, one of the world's largest law firms, lauded Liang Xinjin for his anticipation of the internationalisation of the Chinese economy, his active participation in civic society, and his tremendous entrepreneurial spirit.

Although the global economy, including Europe and the United States, remains uncertain, China has not been affected by the same degree as other major economies and has shown signs that it may recover more quickly. China's staying power and resilience, even in these difficult times, "owes a lot to the tremendous entrepreneurial spirit of the business leaders driving its economic growth and development," says Dr. Frank- Jurgen Richter, Chairman of Horasis.

Since its establishment, Fosun has been powered by a core team of entrepreneurs who have been making use of their entrepreneurial acumen to actively grasp the investment opportunities emerged from transformation of the global economy. They have been implementing Fosun's unique investment model "Combining China's growth momentum with global resources". Leveraging its unparalleled strength in industrial investments, Fosun has accomplished in helping enterprises it invested in or co-operate with optimising their development strategies to take full advantage of "China's growth momentum" to grow their market shares and elevate to the next level.

In terms of global resources, Fosun has established with top-tier financial institutions' joint venture investment funds, including Fosun-Prudential Financial, Inc. and Fosun-Carlyle. In addition, Fosun has also successfully identified opportunities to invest in world-class enterprises and consumer brands, and has become a substantial shareholder in Club Mediterranee SA of France, the world's largest leisure resort hotel chain, and Folli Follie, a renowned fashion retail group targeting female customers. Furthermore, building on its dual growth engines model, namely earnings from the industrial profits and investment income, Fosun has actively expanded into asset management business as it has established an important global strategic partnership with Prudential Financial Inc. On the top of co-operation in asset management, the pair has recently secured an approval to launch a joint venture life insurance company in China.

"It is a great honor for me to receive this 'Chinese Business Leader of the Year' award from the Horasis Global China Business Meeting. Fosun's outstanding results have been intertwining closely with China's rapid development. As Fosun grows with the Chinese economy, it proactively shoulders its social responsibilities and contributes to the perpetuation of Chinese culture. This is among the key building blocks of entrepreneurial spirits that Fosun has been adhering to," says Mr. Liang Xinjun.

The annual Horasis Global China Business Meeting is the foremost annual gathering of Chinese business leaders and their global counterparts. It is held in the recognition to the business leaders with important contribution to the society and the economy, while providing a platform for mutual exchanges among the leaders. The "Chinese Business Leader of the Year" is to recognise Chinese entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to the world.

Source: Fosun International Limited