PC-WARE in The Far East - Subsidiary Established in The People's Republic of China

LEIPZIG, Germany, March 26 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- PC-WARE Information Technologies AG, one of the leading European IT service providers, announces the foundation of a branch office in the Chinese Silicon Valley in Peking. The start-up with 6 German and Chinese employees trained in the German headquarters is expected to make around euro 5 million in the first financial year.

"We have been maintaining business relations for several years now and have prepared our entry into the Chinese market thoroughly. Over 20 percent of our corporate clients own subsidiaries or participations in China that expect a trustworthy partner locally. We are now able to offer these companies our on-site services at the familiar high-quality level", said Dr. Knut Loschke, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PC-WARE.

In addition to the licensing deal, PC-WARE especially sees a particularly high potential in the Software Asset Management sector and in eProcurement. First cooperation agreements with local IT service providers and system integrators were already concluded.

With its entry into the Chinese market, PC-WARE is also following the demands of the technology manufacturers. Besides collaboration agreements here with numerous partners like Citrix, VMware, Symantec, Altiris, McAfee and IBM, PC-WARE is the third international Large Account Reseller (LAR) of Microsoft and Adobe Licensing Centre (ALC) in China.

PC-WARE considers the Chinese market to be especially growth- and profit-friendly. According to the Chinese Ministry of Information Technology, for example, the Chinese software industry made a sales volume of 61 billion US dollars in 2006 - with a strong upswing. Official predictions see the Chinese national economy as the strongest in the world in 2020, with growth rates of over 30 percent in the IT sector.

In addition to the economic perspectives in the People's Republic, the current resolutions of the People's Congress on copyright piracy and pirate copiers play a decisive role for the involvement in China. Over the next few years PC-WARE sees a rising demand by both Chinese as well as international customers for legal software licenses.

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Source: PC-WARE Information Technologies AG