Plastics Color Corporation Launches an Additive Masterbatch with Rohm and Haas' Paraloid(TM) BPM-500: The Innovative "Clear Solution" to Strengthening Bioplastics

2007-08-08 10:27 912

CALUMET CITY, Ill., Aug. 8 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Joe Byrne, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Plastics Color Corporation (PCC) is delighted to announce that in addition to PCC’s available line of colorant and additive masterbatches for polylactic acid (PLA), the company now offers an innovative line of masterbatch additive using a new impact modifier from Rohm and Haas - Paraloid-BPM 500(TM).

Polylactic acid, a bioplastic polymer derived from renewable resources such as corn, has been welcomed by the packaging industry to reduce dependence on petro-chemical based plastics. This move toward PLA-based packaging has now been enhanced by the introduction of Paraloid-BPM 500. While there had been attempts to strengthen PLA with impact modifiers in the past, they were unsuccessful in producing an acceptable level of transparency.

Now Paraloid-BPM 500 broadens the usability of bioplastics by making them stronger without losing the desirable clarity so important in packaging. With it, Plastics Color Corporation has produced a masterbatch with the added benefit of being easily incorporated into the current delivery systems of manufacturing processes.

In addition to the benefit of improving impact and tear resistance of PLA without sacrificing clarity, the Paraloid BPM-500 masterbatch also complies with food contact requirements in Europe and with room temperature food contact requirements in the United States.

"Plastics Color Corporation has been involved in the development of PLA colorant and additive masterbatches for several years now," said Joe Byrne, Plastics Color Corporation’s VP of Sales and Marketing. "This is one of the most exciting offerings we have rolled out to date. Working with Rohm and Haas to develop the Paraloid BPM-500 masterbatch over the last several months has been a wonderful experience. We are very proud of the end result."

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