Shanghai Tower Co-opts with Eslite to Build New Urban Cultural Landmark

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TAIPEI, June 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Shanghai Tower and the Eslite Spectrum in Taiwan signed a letter of intent for leasing agreement today, which marks the Eslite Life will be officially launched in Lujiazui in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai. The duo will collaborate to establish a new cultural landmark which combines the quintessence from both sides of the Taiwan Strait. This cooperation embodies Shanghai Tower's core value of focusing on the needs of users and it will also provide an excellent opportunity for the Eslite Spectrum to tap into the Chinese mainland market. Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Co. Ltd. chairman Kong Qingwei, general manager Gu Jianping and deputy general manager Chen Chao, and Eslite Spectrum chairman Wu Ching-Yu and president Mercy Wu attended the signing ceremony which was held at Eslite Spectrum flagship store in Taipei's Xinyi District.

As the first Taiwan company providing an innovative platform that brings together life and culture, the Eslite Spectrum will launch a branch store in Shanghai Tower in 2015. It will occupy B1, 52nd and 53rd floors, with an expected floor area of 6,500 square meters. It will truly become the highest cultural landmark in the Shanghai sky. The Eslite Spectrum will inherit and follow the parent company's sustainable business philosophy of 'humanism' to realize the core values of 'Humanity, Art, Creativity to Life'. It will take full advantage of the building's distinguished vertical city design feature to provide reading space, cultural and creative service and product sales with good hospitality and the flexible combination of different spaces. The 52nd floor and the 53rd floor will provide a cultural communication and creation space featuring reading, experience, study and interaction, while the B1floor will stage the beautiful lifestyle in a unique way which concentrates the essence of the city and the scope of the Eslite Spectrum.

Shanghai Tower will become the future landmark in the center of the city. Speaking of the Shanghai Tower's vision and plan, the chairman Kong Qingwei said, "We took into full consideration the important of cultural development to commercial space in the initial planning of Shanghai Tower. The Eslite Spectrum's core value of Humanity, Art, Creation to Life coincides with Shanghai Tower's position of establishing commercial space combining vertical community, business leadership and diversified culture. Following Shanghai's openness, advance and diversity, we will dedicate to promoting the cross-strait cultural cooperation and development by forging a distinguished cultural platform."

Previously, Shanghai Tower has signed a letter of intention for lease agreement with Guanfu Museum. From Guanfu to the Eslite Spectrum, Shanghai Tower has endeavored to develop a sustainable, people-oriented business community to redefine the CBD and innovatively improve the function and value of the commercial space.

Eslite Spectrum chairman Wu Ching-Yu said Shanghai is a diversified international hub with a perfect combination of classic and modern culture. It's also a great metropolis with a global talent pool and robust urban development. He said they are very lucky to become part of the city's efforts to forge and deepening its urban culture image. The Eslite Spectrum will dedicate to developing a new cross-strait cultural communication platform by actively engaging in the construction of Shanghai's city culture and bringing forward new ides to promote cultural creative industry and increase the cultural output. He also said he wishes to cultivate local cultural and civilization with Shanghai Tower and create a wonderful Shanghai city with local friends.

As the masterpiece which marks the completion of the skyscrapers in the Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone, Shanghai Center will reach 632 meters, breaking the record height of Shanghai . It's expected to receive 30,000 to 40,000 office workers, sightseeing tourists, shoppers and hotel guests. The 200,000 white-collar workers in the Lujiazui area and the 23.8 million residents in Shanghai will help the Eslite Spectrum secure the great development potential and opportunity of the Shanghai market.

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About Shanghai Center

Located in the Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone in Pudong New Area of Shanghai, Shanghai Tower is record-breaking 632 meters tall, with 121 floors above the ground and 5 floors underground. It covers 576,000-square-meter floor area and green area accounted for 33% of its space. It combines high-level offices, super five-star hotels, boutiques, sightseeing, cultural recreation and distinctive meeting facilities. After it's completed, Shanghai Tower will join Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center and other skyscrapers to create a new skyline of the Lujiazui financial hub and display the fruits of the reform and opening up of Pudong and the spirit of the Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone.

Currently, Shanghai Tower has reached 530 meters tall. The major structure is expected to be completed this August. The construction will be finished in 2015 and Shanghai Tower will become a world-famous landmark in Shanghai.

In accordance with Shanghai's strategic goal to build itself into an international financial hub by developing the financial service, Shanghai Center will become the Lujiazui Financial Hub's landmark building dedicated to the development of local financial service industry. In the meantime, Shanghai Tower will also contribute to the overall development of Lujiazui by enriching the public space, improving city facilities and promoting the integration of modern service industry.

Shanghai Tower possesses five major functions. No1, Class-A office facilities that live up to international standard. It provides upmarket office space, system and service that cater to various needs of banks, insurance, securities, funds and other financial service industries, multinationals' regional headquarters and modern service industries. No2, super five-star restaurants and hotel facility. Individualized services and elegant accommodation provided by international hotel giants are available in Shanghai Tower for global top clients. No 3, comprehensive commercial service. Shanghai Tower offers commercial facilities that include retail stores, dinners, business centers and lifestyle center to provide a comprehensive high-quality service to office workers, businessmen and residents in the financial city. No4, Sightseeing and cultural recreational activities. Shanghai Tower is a commercial cultural community which combines multiple function including shopping, sightseeing, dining and recreation. No 5, distinctive meeting facilities. Meeting rooms with excellent views are located in the high area of Shanghai Tower, while a 2000-square-meter multi-function room and a 1000-square-meters banquet halls and outdoor open-air gardens are seated in the podiums to provide space for special occasions including ceremonies, fashion shows, summits and forums, exhibitions and displays, art performance, parties and balls and wedding ceremonies.

Once completed, Shanghai Tower, Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai International Financial Center will co-form the major financial service center, supporting business center and public activity center of Shanghai, to provide space for the city to develop itself into an international cosmopolitan with advanced modern service industries and realize its ambitious dream to bolster itself into an international economic, financial, trading and shipping center.

About the Eslite Spectrum

The Eslite Group started from a small humanity and art bookstore in Taipei in 1989 and it has been running in Taiwan for more than 24 years. Due to the perseverance to its business value of Humanity, Art, Creation to Life and the distinctive taste, broad channels and integrate abilities and creative ideas, the small bookstore successfully transformed into a culture-based comprehensive business model covering bookstore, mall, art gallery, shows, dinning, network and logistics. It is known as a Taiwan brand with "human, space, commodity and activity" as its core elements to present a diversity of activity, space, culture and human contact. For a long time time, the Eslite is devoted to developing the Taiwan culture. It strives to develop an elegant environment for people to explore humanity. Also, the buildings of the Eslite, which have their unique styles, are not only corporate buildings but also city tourism sites, since they are in great harmony with city landmarks.

The Eslite Spectrum inherits and follows the parent company's sustainable business philosophy of 'humanism' to realize the core values of 'Humanity, Art, Creativity to Life'. Different from the parent corporation's focus on exploring the cultural content, the Eslite Spectrum runs a comprehensive business featuring creative cultural industry. It provides lifestyle products, restaurants and hotels. The Eslite Spectrum established a flexible chain business model in which all stores are both similar and unique.

The Eslite Spectrum made a monumentary step to expand its business landscape in 2012 by launching the first overseas branch store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. To date, the Eslite Spectrum has a total of 42 outlets covering 3 major fields: communication career, catering business and hotel industry. The Eslite Spectrum initialed a creative business model featured by unique chain stores. The unique style, business scale and flexibility of each store depend on the analysis of focus, scale, design and target consumer of each business area.

The name of the corporation 'Spectrum' embodies light, energy and life. The very "spectrum" of the corporation is consisted of the life and energy of each consumer of the Eslite Spectrum. This is a spectrum that reflects the collective work of every individual. The Eslite Spectrum vows to be the stage where all colorful spectrums shine, where every individual shines with the wonderful life experience that we provide.

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