Swedish Pavilion Welcomes Its 3,500,000th Visitor

SHANGHAI, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- The final week of Expo is already being counted down. At 4p.m. on October 28th, the Swedish pavilion witnessed its 3,500,000th visitor; Mrs. Zhou Yufang, a 64-year-old from Sichuan Province. She was welcomed and awarded with pavilion gifts brought to her by Commissioner General Annika Rembe. Later on she was also given a private guided tour through the pavilion’s exhibition.

During the same time, a creative project Virtual Expo, which is advised by Swedish government and invested by the former and International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE) is being held at the VIP section of the Sweden pavilion. The Virtual Expo will be open to the world in 2011 for free.

Since the beginning of Expo, Sweden pavilion with its Spirit of Innovation theme has attracted large amounts of visitors and has been one of the most popular pavilions. In the past 6 months of operation, Swedish Pavilion welcomed 3.4 million visitors by last week, at an average of 19,000 every day. Swedish Pavilion also stands out to be loved by children and we have welcomed 230,000 of children, average of 1,250 per day. Half of the Swedish Pavilion is a VIP section used by partner organizations and companies to organizing activities. Swedish Pavilion has welcomed 32,000 VIP guests and received approximately 2,000 VIP delegations.

Source: The Swedish Committee for Expo 2010 in Shanghai