Swedish Pavilion at the Expo Ends with Gold

SHANGHAI, Nov. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- During a ceremony at the World Expo on Saturday night, winning the International Organization Expo, BIE, a number of pavilions for especially outstanding operations. Sweden's pavilion won gold for his show.

All Expo pavilions have been grouped into four categories depending on size and design and then have BIE pavilions assessed individually based on three different aspects: exterior design, exhibition design and creativity, and interpretation of the theme. It is in category two, the exhibition Creativity and Design, which Sweden has now been rewarded with gold.

"It is of course very pleased to have this fine appointment during the Expo penultimate day. From the beginning we strived to create an exhibition that truly communicates our theme 'Spirit of Innovation', and this first placement I think this is proof that we have succeeded, "said Annika Rembe, Inspector General of Sweden's participation in the Expo.

Besides Biesen price so has Sweden's participation has since opening in May attracted attention from several directions. CNN's blog, the famous pavilion's artistic design, Global Times has appointed pavilion's website to the best of the Expo, and a month ago, got it together with three other countries to receive award for being one of the most business-friendly pavilions in the area.

Tomorrow, Sunday, closing the World Fair and now add up to half of the past. The Swedish exhibition has had over three and a half million visitors in six months, giving an average of nearly 20 000 people per day. 2300 official delegations have visited the Swedish Pavilion and over 450 cultural performances have been below its roof. Hovet has also shown great interest and both King Carl XVI Gustaf and Crown Princess Victoria with Prince Daniel visited the Swedish Pavilion at this time.

"This project is the largest marketing initiative Sweden made abroad so far and we are very pleased with the results. It exceeds the expectations that we and our 110 partners had, "said Annika Rembe.

The pavilion has also served as a platform for exchange between Swedish and Chinese business, which from the beginning been an explicit goal for Sweden's participation.

"I hope that the long term we can increase trade between our countries, and of course, that more Swedish companies become more visible in China especially when it comes to how to work with sustainability and environmental awareness in China, in the area, we are a key partner, "said Dr Björling during her visit at the World Expo in May.

"China is developing into one of the most important and fastest growing markets in the world. This means new business opportunities, not only for the largest Swedish companies, but also for small-and medium-sized businesses.World Expo Shanghai has really opened up opportunities to penetrate this promising market, "says Jacob Wallenberg, Chairman of 2010 International Business Leader Association Council for Mayor of Shanghai.

The World Expo closes 31 October, and then it will have played more than 70 million visitors in the area. It is the largest to date in Expo history. 

The Swedish participation in the figures:

More than 3.5 million have visited the Swedish Pavilion
Over 110 partners have co-financed the project with government
230 000 children have been playing in Villekulla outside pavilion
150 million is the total project budget
450 cultural performances have been designed in conjunction with circus Cirkor
32 000 VIP guests have visited the pavilion
2300 official delegations have been received
October 31 closing World Expo

Source: The Swedish Committee For Expo 2010 In Shanghai