The Light of Asia -- IPart Among Red Herring's Top 100 in Asia

2007-08-30 00:51 807

SHANGHAI, China, Aug. 30 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- iPart, as the only SNS dating site, has been selected as one of Red Herring's Top 100 IT companies in Asia. The site was first launched in Taiwan in 2002 and in China in 2005, illustrating quite a rapid ascent in popularity. It was ranked among the top 2 in the industry and top 100 in Chinese websites in terms of number of visitors.

iPart has some 8.3 million registered members in mainland China and Taiwan. iPart in mainland China has received funding from Taiwan-based iDT, Japanese firms JAIC and Cyber Agent within two years of its founding and its third round canvassing for venture capital is under active planning. In the existing business model, its unique and exclusively-owned chameleon advertisement on its homepage is welcomed by many famous brands, such as LANCOME, SONY, Estee Lauder, DIOR, Oral-B, China Merchant Bank's Pepsi credit card. It attracts users to visit with activities such as a Chinese Valentine's Day shopping mall treasure hunt in cooperation with eBay, and a Halloween "treat-or-trick" with Alpenliebe Candy, which garnered favorable comments from participating merchants.

iPart will open an on-line shopping channel for brand names, setting up a platform for different enterprises to showcase their brands and introduce their products to a potential 8.3 million visitors. IKEA, AMD and DHL have set up virtual stores in iPart. Such promotional models introduced by iPart are innovative and have also proven to be profitable.

iPart has received favorable media attention both domestically and abroad, and is well-regarded in the US, Japan, Sweden, Singapore, Great Britain, Korea and other countries. Similar sites abroad include American Second life, GAIA, Japanese mixi, Korean CYWORLD and European HABBO HOTEL. iPart aims to become a website as globally influential as Google and eBay.

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iPart ( is China's largest domestic web2.0 Avatar -- SNS dating Blog and community site. It started operations in August 2005 and is committed to the concepts of "youth, creation and innovation". Through the online information platform, it offers web and mobile users various internet services including netizen Blogs, minihompy, photo albums, friendship and dating services and wireless value-added functions.

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