The Prospect of Vibration Isolators

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HANGZHOU, China, August 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Vibration isolators, especially wire rope isolators, are applied in many fields, such as military, aviation and maritime. Hoan, one of the leading manufacturers and providers of quality energy absorption and vibration isolation products and services, sells their products to heavy industries throughout the globe, to places such as Canada, France, India and more. Annual sales have reached approximately $1 million.

Due to their special applications most people are not familiar with the wire rope isolators. So what are they?

Many electronic devices are installed on military communication vehicles. The vibrations caused by the airflow over them can easily cause these electronic devices to malfunction. Even worse, these vibrations can destroy the vehicle's communication system. A suitable anti-vibration system should be adopted to guarantee that these critical systems work normally. Wire rope isolators have emerged as a perfect solution for these problems.

Wire rope isolators are very high performance shock isolators and vibration isolators that can be used in endless applications. Wire rope isolators are very useful vibration dampers because they maintain excellent vibration isolation performance under maximum shock in severe environmental conditions such as chemical pollution or extreme temperatures. They have a long life span and can adapt to elastic displacement in all dimensions, allowing multi-directional vibration isolation, and they can be installed in many different ways.

There is elastic support for heavy duty machinery such as generators, and vibration isolation for delicate applications such as precision instruments, transportation of missiles and satellites, processors, communication units, protection for navigation and launching systems as well as large scale construction. The working temperature for stainless steel wire rope isolators is -75C to +175C, and even up to +370C, and each wire rope isolator comes with softened non-linear stiffness. The maximum dynamic displacement is over 70 percent of the space the mount takes up; the dynamic stiffness decreases when the displacement increases.

What are the advantages of wire rope isolators?

  • Nonlinear damping and nonlinear soft characteristics -- Under strong deformation, the wire rope will act to avoid friction forces and reduce energy. Then it can control the vibrations.
  • Vertical and Transverse Vibration -- Wire rope isolators not only provide a soltion for vertical vibrations, but can also protect against transverse vibrations.
  • Wild environmental Adaptation -- Since the mounting cables of wire rope isolators are made of wire ropes, they have strong anti-corrosion characteristics and can withstand extreme temperatures. Normally, wire rope isolators work in temperatures ranging from -60oC to 260C.
  • Simple structure and lightweight -- Wire rope isolators are just half the volume of traditional vibration isolators, yet their anti-vibration performance is same. In addition, wire rope isolators also can be applied to use wiith precision instruments.

Future developments will see wire rope isolators not confined to military and aviation applications, but also to civil fields such as vehicles, drones, and more. Please visit for more information.

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