UK PM Cameron will meet Chinese Entrepreneurs in London

2012-07-18 17:00 944

BEIJING, July 18, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- China Entrepreneur Club (CEC), China's most influential business leaders organization, announced its trip to UK from 22 July to 29 July 2012, in response to the invitation of Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP. Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of the CEC, will lead the delegation of 29 CEC members - including Michael Yu, Zhu Xinli, Ma Weihua, Charles Chao and Guo Guangchang. The delegation will meet PM Cameron and other senior British officials, business leaders and esteemed scholars to have in-depth dialogues on "Modern Society and Sustainable Development".

"We are visiting the U.K. with three objectives: to probe into the development path of British businesses based on institutional modernisation and shed light on the trends of China's own business development; to demonstrate the real image of Chinese entrepreneurs and private businesses through in-depth communication and exchange with British counterparts; and to seek new opportunities for business cooperation between the two countries," said Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of CEC, Chairman of the Board of Legend Holdings Ltd.

The 8-day long visit is packed with nearly 30 events. In London, delegates will visit Number 10, Downing Street, have a roundtable with executives of the City of London, and visit the House of Lords. During their stay in Cambridge, delegates will join with scholars and experts from the University of Cambridge and the Needham Research Institute in seminars and dialogues on "sustainable leadership", "the knowledge economy and innovation led by government" and "practical significance of the Needham Question". Other highlights include the meetings with Lord Jacob Rothschild from the legendary Rothschild Family, Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, and CEOs from representative British enterprises such as Rolls-Royce, British Airways, ARM, Mulberry and Standard Life.

The China Business Day to be held on 27 July, is an important part of the visit. The event is jointly organised by CEC and UK Trade & Investment. China Business Day consists of four sessions: "Building and marketing an international brand", "Modernism and architectural heritage", "E-commerce, m-commerce and the social consumer", and "Living smart, living green". British cabinet members and nearly 300 business leaders from around the world will attend the event. A Fashion Show organised by EVE Group will also kick off between the sessions. Themed as "Harmony", the show will be the first occasion ever where renowned entrepreneurs, athletes, artists and models share the same stage to express their love for nature and life.

"I would be delighted if you would join me and the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs at a Business Summit to celebrate UK China Business which will take place on Friday 27 July 2012. This summit will address challenges facing Chinese and UK business by holding a series of dialogues across key themes and help develop new partnerships for growth," written by the David Cameron MP in his invitation to CEC.

"We believe, against the backdrop of global economic integration, that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship are key promoters of the economy and business development. We look forward to more extensive economic exchanges between China and the U.K., in the hope of achieving concrete progress in the fields of communication and cooperation," said Mr. Liu Chuanzhi.

About China Entrepreneur Club

Established in 2006, the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) is a non-profit organisation consisting of some of the most influential business leaders in China.

CEC's current membership includes 51 preeminent figures including Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of CEC and Legend Holdings; Liu Donghua, Founder and Deputy Executive Chairman of CEC, Founder & Chief Guideline Officer of Zhisland; esteemed Chinese economists Wu Jinglian, Zhang Weiying, Zhou Qiren, and Xu Xiaonian; respected diplomat Wu Jianmin; Long Yongtu, China's representative on issues relating to globalization; Wang Shi (Vanke); Ma Weihua (China Merchants Bank); Jack Ma (Alibaba Group); Guo Guangchang (Fosun Group); Wang Jianlin; (Wanda Group); Niu Gensheng (LAONIU Foundation); Zhu Xinli (Huiyuan Group); Michael Yu (New Oriental); Li Shufu (Geely); Li Dongsheng (TCL Corporation); and Feng Lun (Vantone).

CEC members represent a group of outstanding and highly-regarded Chinese entrepreneurs who have enjoyed commercial success by abiding by the laws of the market economy. CEC members are leaders within their respective fields who have set examples for green transformation and for the application of new business models whilst displaying unique management strategies, a keen sense of judgment and enjoyment in sharing their success.

CEC member companies are dynamic and economically powerful, with a combined gross income totalling around RMB 2 trillion in 2011.

CEC is dedicated to promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship alongside the sustainable development of the economy and society.

Source: China Entrepreneur Club