We Make Retailers and Manufactures Connected

2014-10-31 13:35 2249

HONG KONG, October 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- OSell is going to launch a high-tech exhibition from October 31st to November 2nd in Gongguan, China. The exhibition aims to connect Russian retailers and Chinese manufacturers in a more direct and transparent way.

MRMC-manufacturers, retailers & matching and customization, is a marketing tool based on a business model that aims to connect the Chinese supply chain to the global retailer network. The time when traditional large-scale B2B dominated global foreign trade has gone. Since 2008 Chinese exporting has been shattered by shrinking foreign demand as the world-wide economic recession struck most of China's trade partners. Factories closed and workers are laid off. Many manufacturers are looking for a new way out. Their first solution is online B2C. Aliexpress is a typical online B2C company that helps Chinese manufacturers sell products directly to foreign customers. This model circumvents the multi-level distribution network that strips off the profits and brings manufacturers to the first-hand market's needs. But is online B2C the savior? Manufacturers will soon find out that online B2C can be pretty catastrophic if they get the wrong market censor. What's worse, cross-border online B2C has a huge impact on the target countries' retail industry; it may cause trade friction and even international collision.

OSell's cross-border e-commerce O2O trading fair (MRMC) helps to bring Chinese industrious clusters to global retailers. The domestic MRMC aims to recruit high-quality Chinese manufactures and help them reach foreign retail networks. The overseas MRMC will be held in Russia, Brazil, Australia, Germany and other countries. For foreign retailers it is the first time that they can gain access to Chinese manufacturers without flying to China. They can get the same price from Chinese manufacturers that Walmart does.

MRMC has a high tech online trading system. Once a foreign retailer registers in this system, they gain access to information on millions of products. They take orders from their smart phones or any other terminal devices. They can also access the real products in local showrooms. For Chinese manufacturers, the system is a perfect market indicator that tells them which products are the most popular.

This is the first time in history that retailers and Chinese industrious clusters are connected. It helps Chinese manufacturers expand their global distribution networks and helps foreign retailers reach Chinese products in the most direct and transparent way.