Winner Declares in EGL Asia's F1 Challenge at Shenzhen Gem Fair

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Best performer takes home half-carat diamond ring

SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- EGL Asia today announced the winner of the EGL F1 Challenge at China International Gold Jewelry and Gem Fair.  After delivering his winning performance on the F1 simulator, Zhou Zhi Yong of Guangzhou was awarded a diamond ring certified by EGL Asia, one of the world's four leading international gem labs, accompanied by NGGC certificate.

(from left) Israel Consul General Guangzhou Avraham Nir., EGL F1 Challenge Winner Zhou Zhi Yong, EGL Asia CEO Joseph Kuzi and Deputy Director of NGGC Xie Qi Yao. "We believe that the only way to be able to provide fast and accurate service in the spirit of F1 in big country like mainland China is being close to our customers so after Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taiwan, our goal for the coming year is to open 3 more offices in Fuzhou, Dalian and Chengdu." -- Joseph Kuzi, CEO of EGL Asia.

The prize was presented by EGL Asia CEO Joseph Kuzi and Israel Consul General Guangzhou Avraham Nir.

It was Mr Kuzi who first fired up the F1 simulator to launch the EGL F1 Challenge, signaling the start of a range of company events at the jewelry show. Visitors competed over two days to reach the finals, ensuring all participants would get a taste of the real-track F1 racing experience.  The adrenalin pumping event drew spectators in droves to EGL Asia's booth -- located at N16, 18; P15, 17.

"We built our booth around the Formula 1 theme not only to create some fun for visitors, but also to convey a very serious message about EGL Asia's commitment to deliver fast and accurate lab work," Mr Kuzi explained before revving up the simulator. "We believe this metaphor best reflects EGL Asia's development in China and Asia generally -- acting boldly to seize market opportunities."

EGL Asia launched in Hong Kong in September 2009 to conduct gemological grading services in the region. The company since expanded into mainland China and Taiwan.  In October 2010, EGL Asia established its Shenzhen branch, providing world standard gemological grading services with NGGC, a leading Chinese lab headquartered in Shanghai. The partnership issues dual certificates -- recognized internationally and by the Chinese government. The partnership also provides certification services for color stone and jade, which makes it unique in China among international labs. 

Looking ahead, Mr Kuzi said he believes consumer education is vital for the healthy growth of the industry in China. "The Chinese market is growing fast.  Many international jewelry merchants are already aware of the demand beyond the first tier cities," he explained.

"Demand for services offered by our Shenzhen has been tremendously encouraging, and for that reason, I believe EGL Asia's expansion will put us ahead of our international peers," Mr Kuzi added. "We're now looking at opening offices in Fuzhou and Dalian to promote our dual certification services to both the jewelry trade and consumers at large."

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