Wistron Delivers Closed-loop Recycling Solution for E-waste

2014-05-21 07:00 2416

TAIPEI, May 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Wistron and Dell announced a partnership for a sustainable e-waste recycling solution. For the first time, 3rd-party certified closed-loop recycled plastics produced by Wistron are being applied in the manufacturing of Dell's upcoming computer line. The cooperation with Dell is creating an e-waste standard for the industry which can make a lasting contribution to the planet.

"This initiative is designed to reduce the dependence on natural resources, as well as extending the value of end-of-life electronics," said Simon Lin, Chairman and CEO of Wistron Corporation, during Fortune Brainstorm Green held in Laguna Niguel, CA. "Wistron's dedication in developing electronics recycling technology is an innovative and strategic approach to minimize waste and maximize post-consumer materials. We are pleased to see our green recycling solutions helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals."

The closed-loop recycling process for plastics is more than an attempt to establish a model of plastics recycling and reusing -- it is also the first in the industry to receive third-party certification by UL Environment. "Wistron and Dell's incorporation of closed loop recycled plastics in the OptiPlex 3030 All-in-One certified by UL Environment is a significant step towards industry leadership in reducing e-waste," said Lisa Meier, Vice President and General Manager of UL Environment.

Being a partner of Dell's closed-loop supply chain, Wistron offers services including e-waste dismantling, refurbishing and refining; furthermore, Wistron reuses plastics from recycled systems for use in new systems. Wistron utilizes its resources in Texas (Wistron GreenTech) and Kunshan, China (Wistron Advanced Materials) to map out an integrated and low carbon footprint recycling solution. With this solution, Wistron and its brand customers are able to give new life to e-waste and close the loop of electronics life cycle, contributing to the foundation for a better environment enjoyed by future generations.

About Wistron's closed-loop electronics recycling solution

The closed-loop solution for e-waste provided by Wistron is an integrated and value-added service that supports the "cradle to cradle" life cycle for ICT products. Wistron GreenTech, located in Texas, U.S.A., is designed to collect, sort and refine circuit boards and batteries utilizing environmentally sound technologies. Wistron Advanced Materials in Kunshan, China is a dedicated post-consumer resin recycler and compounder who supplies recycled plastic materials to brand customers. These facilities together with Wistron's ODM services means the capability to turn scrap electronics into new products.

About Wistron

Wistron Corporation is a Fortune Global 500 company and a Technology Service Provider supplying ICT (information and communication technology) products, services and systems to our global customers. We are devoted to increasing the value of our services through developing innovative solutions in the areas of green recycling, cloud and display vertical integration. For more information, please visit:

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