BatteroTech Showcases Latest Energy Storage Products at Intersolar Europe 2024

2024-06-20 21:59 1236

MUNICH, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- BatteroTech Co. Ltd., ("BatteroTech"), a lithium battery manufacturer committed to developing innovative new energy technologies and solutions, has exhibited its latest energy storage products at the Intersolar Europe 2024 which was held form June 19th to 21st in Munich.

BatteroTech is invested in Tsingshan Industry, a Fortune 500 company, and specializes in offering cutting-edge solutions and premium services for the new energy automobile manufacturers and smart energy investors globally. At Intersolar Europe 2024, BatteroTech showcased its new innovations, including the 314Ah, 72Ah, 280Ah cells, and 1P52S battery pack  liquid cooling battery pack, the 1P416S  energy storage system BTL energy storage system, and the 20-foot, 5.02MWh containerized HV liquid-cooling system.

"Intersolar Europe is a leading exhibition for the global solar industry that aims to promote industry development through technological innovation and building a win-win future for sustainable energy. For BatteroTech, it's a platform of strategic significance to showcase our products with innovative designs and superior performances, as well as networking and exchanging ideas with industry peers on the latest green energy technologies, products, and solutions" said Eason Bai, Sales General Manager of BatteroTech.

One of BatteroTech's key features at the exhibition was their high-efficiency energy utilization solutions. These solutions can greatly lower operation costs for customers. BatteroTech's latest 20-foot, 5.02MWh containerized HV liquid-cooling system adopts the new 314Ah cell that can store more energy in the same volume of space, making it more compact and portable as a more efficient solution for customers.

In addition to its compact design, the system's designed lifespan reaches up to 20 years, an advantage that improves the customer's stable rate of return. In terms of energy efficiency, it has DC system energy efficiency of up to 95%, so the output is higher and reduces energy loss and waste. The high-efficiency energy utilization solution not only reduces the customer's operating costs, but also aligns with the green, low-carbon development trends.

Another notable product showcased by BatteroTech was their new-generation 314Ah energy storage cell.  With improved performance and durability, this cell has a cycle life of up to 12,000 times or more, with first-year decay equal to or lower than 3% under standard operating conditions. It also has a discharge capacity retention rate of over 95% in extreme temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius and a storage life of a lifespan of over 20 years.

The solar energy industry is experiencing rapid growth, and with it comes increased opportunities for energy storage solutions. BatteroTech is committed power the world with new energy through innovative and advanced products, intelligent solutions, and high-quality services.

"BatteroTech remains dedicated to supporting development and growth of renewable energy worldwide. As the solar energy industry continues to expand, we are excited to offer advanced energy storage solutions to support this important shift towards a greener and more sustainable future,"said Louis Su, Global Marketing Director of BatteroTech.

About BatteroTech

BatteroTech Co., Ltd. is a lithium battery manufacturer dedicated in the new energy industry which is invested by Tsingshan Industry, one of the Fortune 500 companies.

BatteroTech is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and marketing of lithium batteries, battery modules, battery systems, etc. and committed to providing world-class solutions and services for new energy vehicle manufacturers and electric power investors who aim to achieve the goal of "Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality". The company has set up R&D Centers and manufacturing bases respectively located in Shanghai and Jiashan.

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