FMC China 2014 is ready for a New Start

2014-05-07 09:30 3284

- FMC China 2014; Furniture Manufacturing & Supply China

- Concurrently with FMC Premium 2014 and Furniture China 2014 from September 10-13, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

- Woodworking Machinery, Furniture Raw Materials

- 850 Exhibitors, 59,000 Sqm, 35 ,000 Trade Buyers

SHANGHAI, May 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- 'Furniture Manufacturing & Supply China 2014' (FMC China 2014) will be staged at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC) from September 10-13, 2014, and held concurrently with 'FMC Premium 2014.'

FMC Premium 2013 onsite photo
FMC Premium 2013 onsite photo

FMC China 2013 onsite photo
FMC China 2013 onsite photo

The total floor area will be 59,000 sqm and the event is expected to attract 850 exhibitors. With associations and pavilions at home and abroad expanding, FMC China 2014 will inaugurate a new look with a special area for exhibits. This will contain the following areas: Woodworking Machinery, CNC Machinery, Upholstered Furniture Machinery, Coating Machinery, Furniture Adhesives and Coating Machinery, Office Furniture Accessories and Components, Furniture Hardware and Fittings, Wood and Surface Decor, Furniture Fabric, and Upholstery Components.

Each special area is ready to go. FMC Premium 2014 booth sales are over 80%, and France, the United States, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, and other countries pavilions all have confirmed. The leading enterprises in CNC machinery are joining in large number. Jinan Singhui CNC Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai ULI CNC Co., Ltd. Qingdao Woodtron Co., Ltd., Anderson Industrial Corp. Tongxing Technology Development Co., Ltd., Roctech Machinery Co., Ltd., and Yuhuan Shenghongfa NC Engraving Equipment Co., Ltd. have all confirmed their participation to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of FMC China 2014. The special area established will provide the best woodworking machinery and furniture raw materials for the furniture production, decoration and engineering fields.

Integrate the Visitor Database

FMC China 2014 follows the belief of guaranteeing excellent quality furniture, effecting decoration engineering, and relying on the quality customer resources of the Organizers - Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo Int'l Exhibition Co., Ltd. Therefore, on the basis of the original audience, FMC re-integrates other related exhibition of client resources, which covers the visitor of hotel supplies, hotels, restaurants, resorts, clubs, building materials store, interior designers, project contracting, real estate developers, decoration companies, and building design. It brings more technology communication and industry cross-border cooperation for high quality exhibitor basis on the expanding of the hotel works, decoration and other related fields.

2014 China Upholstery Industry Development Forum

At the FMC China's twentieth anniversary, the 2014 China Upholstery Industry Development Forum will be specially held onsite. The upholstery market is just getting started in China, and its huge development potential has attracted numerous manufacturers.

In order to develop the upholstery market in China to meet the needs of the international market and enhance the innovative competitiveness of the enterprises involved, the FMC organizer takes this opportunity to hold the 2014 China Upholstery Industry Development Forum. Most industry leaders and experts will be invited to share the top intelligence in the industry. FMC China 2014 will build a bridge between upstream and downstream businesses, encourage cross-border cooperation and create the most influential industry exhibition in China.

Summit Conference on Furniture Water-Based Paint

- Focusing on the VOCs Technology in Furniture Industry and Sharing the Experience in Water - Oil Transfer Technology

As the most significant mission in the energy-saving domain in China, not only the VOCs emission standards in a variety of typical industries will be published and be used for determining pollution fees, but also new discharge permits will be issued. Based on this specific policy, the key is VOCs emission and the resolution is the water-based paint in the future.

FMC China 2014 will follow policy variations and invite experts and CEOs of famous furniture enterprises to share their successful experiences of VOCs emissions. The Summit Conference will clarify the mission of energy-saving and analyze the feasibility of environmental aqueous furniture. Meanwhile, this conference will serve to communicate on VOCs emissions and aqueous paint for the furniture enterprises, as well as help the furniture enterprises become involved in environmental production industries.

Collaborative Innovations & Creative Futures

- Life will be launched by Smart Furniture

At the very beginning of 2014, the tycoon of SE, Google, purchased a new Smart Home Furnishings Company - Nest, which ignites the fire of Smart Home Furnishings. What kind of variation would happen in the future and what kind of influences might arise in the home furnishings industry?

With the development of high-technology, a new, comfortable, convenient life approached, which had altered the traditional approaches, has been bringing a better environment to our life and work. Furniture Enterprises and Decoration Enterprise, are you ready to face the 'smart' life of the further? Take the chance to attend this conference will supply you a number of actual solutions.

Source: UBM Sinoexpo