iOS MMORPG Big Gun to Hit the App Store

2012-03-02 20:17 1636

BEIJING, March 2, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- After one year of development, Chinese game developer 9thQ is about to announce the release of their iOS platform first-person MMORPG, Big Gun.

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The game sports outstanding American-cartoon-styled graphics and as soon as you start creating your character you will be given the choice between 18 characters that can also be customized with an assortment of accessories and hairstyles. Man or woman, their caricature style is so strong that one look is all it takes to send your blood coursing through your veins!

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The images used for the various sites are quite beautifully designed. Over 25 cities in planning to provide you with over 200 different sites for you to launch your global gang warfare tactics.

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No matter what style of organized crime best suits you, be it Asian Triad, American Gangster, or the European Mafia, you can take arms in currently six cities, to include Miami, Tokyo, Sicily, and Paris. A global server allows for bloodbaths with people anywhere in the world, equipped with any of over 500 different types of equipment and items. Experience primal PvP culture at its finest.

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The main game missions take you on hit missions that pits you against other players, giving you a chance to make their money and items your own. Success in your missions guarantees you an abundance of experience and cash prizes. Come for the thrill of PvP! Stay for the refinement of beautiful women from across the world, stealing high-class cars, and other various tasks…

Tired of endless "fruit slicing?" Then come and enjoy the refreshing "slice, check, and circle" combat system! High-level mega combos launched from a gorgeous first-person perspective mixed with an onslaught of well-mixed music will have your engrossed in PvP ferocity.

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Big Gun's ranking ladders update every day revealing everyone's exploits from around the world! Check out the Big Top, where you can view the top players from around the world. See who has the highest levels, the most kills, the most money, or who has picked the most locks!

Try to reach the top of all four! Achieve your wildest dreams! Become the best of the best!

Banner 6 - the Big Top the Big Dream

Soon to hit the App Store, search out Big Gun! Take up arms to try and make your dreams of making it big become a reality!

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About 9thQ

9thQ, established September 9th, 2009 (Triple-9, woohoo!), is a developer focused on mobile applications that was formed by a handful of specialists who branched out from telecommunications company, HandCN. The 9thQ Team is a large pack of dedicated individuals who share the same goals, ideals, responsibilities, selflessness, finances, housing, clothing, and sometimes even girlfriends.

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