WCA Makes Its Tournaments in Gamescom Again

BEIJING, Sept. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Gamescom, one of the world's biggest gaming events, has officially been held from 17 August to 21 August. Besides various game developers raced to show their new products, this year's Gamescom also provided an opportunity for Chinese and foreign players to compete and exchange on e-sports. WCA2016 International Exchange Matches has attracted many talented participants from both Chinese universities and European universities, which really hit Gamescom in 2016.

This year, WCA makes its second appearance at Gamescom. With "Youth for e-sports, Honors for Schools" as the theme, WCA organizes a five-day friendly exchange tournament between Chinese and foreign teams on three major games of DOTA2, Hearthstone and League of Legends, bringing a wonderful event for Chinese and foreign e-sports enthusiasts.

The organization of International Exchange Matches among universities aims at initiating communication between China and foreign countries on e-sports with the help of college students who are passionate about e-sports. To be exact, college students are the craziest as they occupy a large proportion of the e-sports enthusiasts. By early 2015, the number of college students has reached 35.99 million, among which 10 million are e-sports enthusiasts. In 2016, WCA has invite over 1,000 Chinese universities and some foreign universities to participate in e-sports competitions, further strengthening the bonds between Chinese and foreign universities.   

Since its establishment in 2014, WCA strives to develop itself into an international event. WCA has been extending in-depth exchange and cooperation with many countries and regions in the world, including the agreements with UCC of Russia and E-sports Federation of Demark. As of 2016, WCA is consisted of three international divisions -- the Asia pacific division, the European division and the American division, and has held overseas tournaments for 205 days. WCA is also regarded as an official partner with the Brazilian e-Sports Confederation with its brand logos being shown at the Rio Olympic venues in order to demonstrate the attraction of e-sports.

In the future, China e-sports, represented by WCA, will continue to guide Chinese and foreign e-sports players to exchange and boost the development of global e-sports to new heights. Owning a huge e-sports market on a global scale, China e-sports is expected to lead the industry trends with the government's support and its exchange with foreign countries.

Source: World Cyber Arena