Charge up to 80% in just 9.8 minutes! Gotion High-tech unveiled new products and new technology.

HEFEI, China, May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Gotion High-tech hosted its 13th Technology Conference on May 17, unveiling its new products and new technology, including 5C ultra-fast charging G-Current battery ready for immediate mass production, high-nickel NCM cylindrical Stellary battery and the much discussed all-solid-state battery technology in the industry.

5C ultra-fast charging G-Current battery: charging up to80%in just 9.8 minutes
The G-Current battery is designed with 5C super-fast charging technology, enabling 80% energy replenishment with 9.8 minutes of charging and 90% energy replenishment with 15 minutes of charging. This solution can be applied to the entire range of battery applications, BEVs or hybrid vehicle, covering LFP, LMFP, and NCM chemistry systems. At the conference, Mr. Cao Yong, Vice President of the Engineering R&D Institute of Gotion High-tech, stated that the release of G-Current batteries signifies mass production.

High-nickel NCM Stellary Battery: cutting costs by 50% for Integrated Manufacturing in Gen7 Plant
The Stellary battery uses Gotion High-tech's self-developed second-generation silicon-carbon material and fast-charging electrolyte, enabling ultra-fast charging from 10% to 70% State of charge in just 9 minutes. Battery Packs equipped with this cell can complete 350km range charging in 5 minutes and 600km range charging in 10 minutes. The unique structural design of the Stellary Battery Pack can dissipate70% of the heat outside the Pack within only 3 seconds, ensuring maximum-speed cooling under extreme conditions and achieving the non thermal propagation of the pack. At the same time, the Stellary Battery is also equipped with wireless BMS technology and multi-faceted effective cooling technology, improving the safety and reliability of the battery comprehensively. The Stellary battery will be produced by Gotion High-tech's Gen7 factory, which has achieved um-level precision production, the industry's highest standard, and can achieve a 50% reduction in manufacturing costs. 

Gemstone batteries with all-solid-state technology: boasting an energy density up to 350Wh/kg
The Gemstone battery incorporates groundbreaking all-solid-state technology, boasting an energy density of 350 Wh/kg, over 40% higher than mainstream NCM batteries. This enhancement provides electric vehicles with increased range and enhanced energy efficiency. 

Furthermore, Gemstone successfully passed the 200-degree hot box test at one go, a temperature significantly higher than the 130 degrees defined by national standards, marking a significant advancement in battery technology in terms of safety.

Source: Gotion High-Tech
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