Hanwooboard to Host Hanwoo Cooking Classes and Hanwoo Christmas Party in Yuletide Season in Hong Kong

2018-12-10 09:00 892
  • Gratitude events from December 11 to 14 for consumers in Hong Kong
  • All admission proceeds of the party will be donated to the Pei Ho Charity Foundation; expecting deep interest of citizens

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Hanwoo, a premium beef produced in Korea, offers year-end gratitude events for citizens of Hong Kong.

Posters of Hanwoo cooking classes and Hanwoo Christmas party
Posters of Hanwoo cooking classes and Hanwoo Christmas party

The Hanwooboard announced that it will host in the year-end and Christmas season Hanwoo cooking classes and a Hanwoo Christmas party from December 11 to 15, 2018 for consumers in Hong Kong. 

These events reflect gratitude of the Hanwooboard for Hong Kong citizens who have loved Hanwoo in the past year. The Hanwooboard expects the free-of-charge cooking classes and donation party will provide opportunities for consumers to know more about Hanwoo.

The Hanwoo cooking classes will be provided from December 11 to 14 at the Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong in conjunction with the cultural center. Cooking classes will be conducted by prominent lecturers, including Kim Bong-su, Executive Chef at Doma, a fine dining restaurant in Seoul; Prof. Jang Young-soo at Meat Academy of Korea; Do Yong-soo, Head Chef at Bib n Hops, a fusion restaurant in Hong Kong. These lecturers will introduce unique Korean cuisines.     

Chef Kim Bong-su will demonstrate Hanwoo stewed in soy sauce and Hanwoo Carpaccio, while Chef Do Yong-soo will demonstrate Hanwoo cube stir-fried and Hanwoo with asparagus roll. Prof. Jang Young-soo will give a lecture on methods of cutting and using fillet part of Hanwoo. During the same period, the Hanwooboard will also hold the "Hanwoo butchering and cooking class" exclusively for chefs and managers at food service companies in Hong Kong and leading restaurants in Hong Kong to help them serve more diversified Hanwoo cuisines.        

On Saturday, December 15, 2018, "The Hanwoo Christmas Party" will be held under the theme of "Truly Give to the Community!" Set to be held at The Artist House in Causeway Bay, the party is primarily targeted at young citizens in 20s and 30s who are interested in Korean Wave, and it will be a unique Christmas event that combines Hanwoo and Korean Wave culture. 

A total of 30 different kinds of Korean foods, including 3 Hanwoo cuisines, stir-fried rice cake, and japchae (mixed dish of boiled glass noodles, stir-fried vegetables and shredded meat), will be served at the party with performances by K-Pop live busking band. In addition, a variety of contents, such as quizzes about Hanwoo, magic show will be offered, as well as presentation of Hanwoo gifts to lucky draw winners. All admission proceeds will be donated to the Pei Ho Charity Foundation. The party will present special experiences to those who seek flamboyant Christmas. Admission tickets for this Christmas party is now available at the ticket flap (

"Over the past year of 2018, we held a variety of events to publicize Hanwoo in Hong Kong, earning positive response from citizens. I look forward to their deep interest and active participation in these cooking classes and party where they can experience taste of Hanwoo and Korean culture," said Min Gyeong-cheon, Chairman of the Hanwooboard.  

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