Hisense will Launch the Sonic Screen Laser TV at IFA 2019 in Berlin

QINGDAO, China, Aug. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Hisense, the leader of Chinese laser TV, will soon launch the sonic screen laser TV at the IFA in Berlin on September 6, 2019. This is another technological breakthrough of Hisense in the field of laser display after Trichroma™ Laser TV.

The Hisense sonic screen laser TV brings sound (40-18kHz) directly from the screen, and with the diaphragm of the Distributed-Mode Loudspeaker vibrating in a complex pattern over its entire surface, it guarantees consistent output level and undistorted time response in all directions. The greatest advantage of the Hisense sonic screen laser TV is the sense of synchronization combined with sound and image. The sound effects also perform better than common built-in TV speakers. The Hisense sonic screen laser TV is planned to be mass produced later this year.

Hisense started to actively lay out the laser display field in 2007, and officially launched the first ultra-short laser TV globally in 2014. In the past five years, Hisense has continuously deepened the technical innovation of laser TV and completed several technical iterations. Currently, Hisense has more than 600 international patents related to laser display. According to statistics, the sales volume of laser TVs of 80 inches or above accounted for 56% of the Chinese market from January to June 2019. Laser TVs has become the mainstream of large-screen TVs.

Source: Hisense