LambdaTest launches LambdaTest extension for GitHub Copilot to make test automation pervasive across SDLC and drive developer productivity

2024-05-23 00:05 2268

NOIDA, India and SAN FRANCISCO, May 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- LambdaTest extension for GitHub Copilot enables AI-powered bridge experiences by seamlessly integrating test and dev workflow. It acts as a test automation copilot, assisting developers with quality assurance capabilities across different stages in SDLC, right where they code.

May 22, 2024, Noida/San Francisco: LambdaTest, a leading cloud-based unified testing platform, announced the launch of the LambdaTest extension for GitHub Copilot. This innovative capability revolutionizes the way developers manage and execute test workflows within their integrated development environments (IDEs).

The LambdaTest extension seamlessly integrates with GitHub Copilot Chat bridging the gap between development and testing workflows. Developers can now trigger test execution directly from their GitHub and VS Code environment, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications. This streamlined process enhances productivity and accelerates software delivery.

With LambdaTest extension, developers can initiate tests effortlessly with a simple command, bringing testing closer to their code. This capability not only saves time but also enhances collaboration among development and testing teams by providing a unified platform for managing quality software releases, faster.

Moreover, real-time feedback integrated into GitHub Copilot empowers developers to iterate more efficiently, at speed, ensuring the quality and stability of their codebase. By conveniently viewing regression run results within their coding environment, developers and testers can quickly identify and address potential issues or bugs, facilitating faster resolution and delivery of high-quality software.

"LambdaTest Extension for GitHub Copilot is a huge milestone in our commitment to enable devs and QA processionals worldwide with frictionless experiences to accelerate software delivery.," said Mohit Juneja, VP, Strategic Sales and Partnerships, LambdaTest. "Gone are the days of switching between multiple applications; now, developers can design, trigger, and analyze tests with simple prompts in natural language, without switching context from the IDE."

The benefits of the LambdaTest extension extend beyond just test execution. It also offers powerful analysis tools, allowing developers to dive deep into test data, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to continuously improve code quality and stability.

LambdaTest remains committed to driving innovation in the field of software testing, and this capability is another testament to that commitment. By providing developers and testers with tools to streamline processes and deliver high-quality software efficiently, LambdaTest continues to support and empower software development teams worldwide.

The LambdaTest extension for GitHub Copilot is now available for developers and testers. To learn more and get started, visit

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