Perfect World Ruby Wang: more development opportunities on the horizon for the cultural industry

BEIJING, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The 15th China Beijing International Cultural Industry Expo (ICIE) and the China Cultural Industry Development Forum was held in Beijing on September 5. The forum, with the tagline "Cultural Coexistence and Industrial Integration for a Bright and Shared Future--High-Quality Development of China's Cultural Industry in the Post-Covid-19 Era", featured a round-table dialogue themed "New Cultural Consumption in the post-Epidemic Era". Ruby Wang, senior vice president & spokesperson of Perfect World and chairperson of Perfect World Education, participated in the event.

Ruby Wang, senior vice president & spokesperson of Perfect World and chairperson of Perfect World Education, delivers at the round-table dialogue.
Ruby Wang, senior vice president & spokesperson of Perfect World and chairperson of Perfect World Education, delivers at the round-table dialogue.

Wang said that the cultural consumption in the post-epidemic era, like other types of consumption, needs to be analyzed in conjunction with the general trends influencing both the domestic and global economic cycles. "On one hand, new habits that have developed around the cultural consumption during the epidemic are expected to become the norm," Wang said. "On the other hand, economic 'internal circulation' will create a market that demands more high-quality cultural products, which will bring more opportunities for culture industry in the future."

The e-sports industry has grown rapidly over the past two years. The prize pool of the International DOTA 2 Champions (TI10) now has broken the US$35 million mark, exceeding the US$34.33 million for TI9 last year and once again setting a new record in terms of the amount and speed of the crowdfunding for a single e-sports competition.

However, the industry still needs to be viewed rationally and objectively. As Wang further explained, the e-sports industry today is facing two challenges as a result of the rapid development, which are talent shortage; and the younger generation's hesitation before taking the brand new career.

"It is necessary to establish a sound education and training system," Wang suggested, adding that a pilot program comprised of an Education Certificate plus Several Vocational Skill Level Certificates (the 1+X Certificates Pilot System) is helpful in training more professional talents for e-sports and digital cultural and creative industry.

The program was launched by China's State Council in January 2019.

Wang also noted that as a natural data base, e-sports integrates with new technologies such as 5G and Artificial Intelligence. Driven by new technologies, AI rivals will be introduced for common players, in which AR/VR is used to create immersive experience. In the future virtual studios will also be created, and virtual anchors will watch games and provide the dialogue for gamers, which will bring e-sports sector a bigger market and more development opportunities.

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