Swedish Fashion -- Exploring a New Identity

2010-10-08 10:16 1998

A Touring Exhibition Produced by the Swedish Institute

Dates: October 12, 2010 to November 7, 2010

Venue: White Box Art Museum, 798 Art District, Beijing

SHANGHAI, Oct 8 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Swedish Fashion -- Exploring a New Identity is an exhibition showing the work of a new generation of fashion designers from Sweden. It reflects a new attitude to fashion in a country to date mainly associated with strong chains such as H&M, brand names such as J. Lindeberg and denim labels such as Acne.

This generation, which debuted around the start of the new millennium, is characterised by a more individualistic and artistic approach to fashion. The exhibition has been shaped around the fashion designers’ individual concepts, rather than a shared identity. Apart from the way they view fashion, the only factor that the fashion designers in Swedish Fashion -- Exploring a New Identity have in common is a link to the Swedish fashion scene, either in a purely geographical sense -- i.e. they are based in Sweden -- or because they have their roots there. Their actual design is not limited by national boundaries; these fashion designers see themselves from an international perspective, rather than a local one.

The exhibition presents the new Swedish fashion scene in the form of products (actual garments on mannequins) and context (photographs, films and texts). The exhibition also includes a publication that provides a more in-depth view of the contemporary Swedish fashion scene, based on a number of distinct themes. As the exhibition’s title suggests, it’s about a developing scene, and topical discourses will be set against fashion’s historical development in Sweden, both theoretically and professionally. Great emphasis is placed on the interaction between context and garment, both communicatively and scenographically; it works narrative -- as a well-informed and inside account of the new Swedish fashion scene -- and as an experience, making a strong and uniquely individual visual impression.

Curator: Maria Ben Saad, fashion writer and senior lecturer

at Beckmans College of Design

Art director: Stefania Malmsten, graphic designer and art director

Exhibition design: Ola Andersson, architect

Film: Goran Olsson, documentary filmmaker

For more information, please contact:

Press and Culture Officer
Zhang Ke

Source: Consulate General Of Sweden