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HONG KONG, Nov. 30, 2010 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Early on last Thursday (Nov. 25th), the initiation of DinoDirect's Crazy Week started the shopping fiesta of the year. Hundreds and thousands of customers from all over the world purchased lots of items during this period, especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The various selections of products as well as the 50% discount have overwhelmed the holiday shoppers. Since this sale promotion is named "Crazy Week", it means this 50% discount lasts for only one week. Tomorrow will be the final sale of Crazy Week. After that, all products will be sold at prime price.

For customers, who have the desire to purchase some special gifts, like Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, Google Android 7" touch screen color eBook reader, etc. for their family and friends this year, this is a good chance to check out the store of DinoDirect. A flat discount of fifty percent on all electronic gadgets is offered until the end of Dec. 1st.

Customers, who might have the plan of purchasing a complete security system for ensuring the safety of your house, may not be possible to afford the price of the security systems. If money is preventing you to ensure the complete security of your house, check out the Security Systems on Purchase the best security system for your house by just paying half the price, as DinoDirect is offering all merchandises at a discount of fifty percent.

The cheap electronic deals are expected to give you an unforgettable experience during this week. However, if you are an intelligent shopper and do not want to make unnecessary delay, you will surely grab the final offer until the end of Dec. 1st. Remember, orders for every electronic product are rising steeply. Therefore, if you make an unnecessary delay in placing the order, the stock might end and it may not be possible for you to get the best deal anymore.

DinoDirect "Crazy Week" sale has recorded a huge popularity among the buyers. The store is not only offering a flat fifty percent discount but also offering free worldwide shipping, which has attracted holiday shoppers from different countries. It is not only the individual buyers who are attracted to make the best use of the Crazy Week deals. Reports state, many retailers have also placed bulk orders of different electronic goods like laser pointer, electronic cigarette, LED flashlights and many other products. By purchasing the goods at a discount of fifty percent, they are expecting to make a decent profit in this winter holiday sales.

DinoDirect staffs are really happy to witness such an overwhelming sale. The far sighted team has expected such a huge response in the Crazy Week sale and has made all the necessary arrangements for making this a grand event. Though the stores are making a great profit from this one week sale, they have not yet made any media statement on the turnover of the sale. They are either busy with processing of the order or maintaining a low profile. Whatever be the reason of their silence, their deals are creating roars. If you want to grab the best deals, just place your order right now!


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