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NANJING, China, November 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Association of Industrial Design has estimated: for every $1 invested in industrial design, you can regain $1,500 back. With "ingenuity" to successful "manufacturing," industrial design has become a "second core competency" for enterprises.

Being a professional awards focus on product design and ideals, and the "Red Dot Award" has successfully made customers all over the world accept the value for "design," and provided competition within commercial products at a brand new standard. However in China, for small- and medium-sized enterprises in particular, the value construction of "design" is seen as a difficulty for them when trying to win the market via "value" rather than "price."

Background & Purpose for 2012 "The Beauty of Made in China" Event

"The Beauty of Made in China," co-hosted by South Weekend and Made-in-China, is an annual awards ceremony that focuses on the products manufactured by small and medium-sized enterprises. It is expected to change the stereotyped impressions of people at home and abroad in regards to products "Made in China," by exploring a batch of excellent products that are superior in function, process, design and that represent the modern manufacturing level in China. At the same time, this award pays more importance to the research and development standards of products with independent intellectual property.

The ultimate goal of the awards of "The Beauty of Made in China" is to call on institutions and organizations, to make contributions to the upgrading and transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and to create a chance for sustainable development, despite the economic depression.

"What they need is nothing other than an exhibition platform"

Jinghua Shen, President of Made-in-China said at the Annual Awards Ceremony of "Beauty of Made in China" that "through various contact with numerous small- and medium-sized enterprises in our daily work, we can feel deeply that many domestic companies already own outstanding products. What they need is nothing more than an exhibition platform to showcase such."

"The fact that some products with global brands are made in China effectively proves the excellent quality of products manufactured by domestic OEMs, but, unfortunately, the general belief of many focuses on poor quality," Yang Mingji, design director of Yang Design, said during the press briefing. "It is a problem related to the national brand. In my opinion, ensuring the products behind "The Beauty of Made in China" become popular worldwide is an issue that requires the involvement of the government, universities, enterprises, media and customers.

The difference from other industrial design competitions

The difference in the awards from other present industrial design competitions is that it is aimed to change the stereotyped impression of the products "Made in China", and to promote the development of the whole manufacturing industry rather than only the development of industrial design. This time, the SGS standard - a famous international certification institution for qualification examination, items classification and quality certification - has been introduced. All the effort made is to make sure excellent products with superior quality in function, design and quality are able to represent the real highest modern manufacturing level of "Made in China."

Activity Log & Participants

On the morning of April 22, the 2012 annual selection conference of "The Beauty of Made-in-China", held a press conference in Guangzhou, China.

On the afternoon of October 18, 2012, "The Beauty of Made-in-China" Annual Awards Ceremony was again held in Guangzhou.

The Annual Awards Ceremony received great support from the China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises (CASME), and invited a lots of experts to attend as judges, such as Lu Xiaobo, Chairman of the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, who used to be the judge of the Red Dot Award, and Yang Mingjie, the famous designer who won the Red Dot Award and the iF Design Award, and was selected as judge to attend iF Design Award China. Over twenty professional and general media, including the Nanfang Daily Media Group and City Pictorial also promoted the award.

Event sponsors indicated that the annual awards of "The Beauty of Made in China" will not only last throughout the whole year, but will continue to be held as a long-term activity. Only when China develops a benchmarking design recognized by the world, can the value of "Made in China" be rediscovered and accepted.


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