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BEIJING, May 14, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Beijing Fewmo Technology Co., Ltd. ("Fewmo"), a personalized recommendation service provider, announced the official release of its website Utuii ( and the corresponding mobile app, to achieve seamless cross-platform connectivity for PC and mobile phone users.

For registered users, Fewmo provides highly personalized service through Utuii. With cutting-edge recommendation algorithms, automatically discovers and recommends contents and services to users to meet their personalized interest in no time. Currently, Utuii recommends contents like news, products and apps. Meanwhile, users can also share the contents from to other popular social platforms such as QQ and Weibo.

Tiger Wang, Fewmo's co-founder and CEO, said, "For internet users, one of the biggest demands is to find interesting contents. Search engines help users solve the query for specific information. In a way, personalized recommendation service is an upgrade of search engines. Based on a user's historical behavior and information, personalized recommendation engine can automatically find news, products or apps that match the user's interest, among the vast amount of information on the internet. In simple terms, a recommendation engine is a search engine of another dimension, from 'I would like to know this!' to 'Give me something interesting!'." Tiger also mentioned that Fewmo would further improve Utuii's recommendation engine and user experience, helping users access contents and services of their interest through multiple channels more quickly. Dr. Tony Guo, Fewmo's co-founder and Chief Data Officer, emphasized, "Personalized recommendation is a challenging area. The most direct challenge comes from users' satisfaction with the recommended results. We will continuously optimize the recommendation algorithms to improve the recommendation accuracy."

Meanwhile, Fewmo also announced its first round financing from Mitsui & Co. Global Investment Ltd. ("MGI").

MGI is the venture investment subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., an international trading and investment Company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. MGI has invested in and contributed to the growth of several well-known Chinese internet start-ups, including Ftuan ( and 6 Rooms (

About Fewmo

Founded in late 2011, Fewmo is a personalized recommendation service provider, focusing on internet and mobile internet. With data mining and machine learning technologies, Fewmo has launched a social platform called Utuii ( that provides personalized recommendation service.

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Source: Beijing Fewmo Technology Co., Ltd.