Free Bonus Event on More Games' Gold Cheers Customers Up

2011-09-21 21:06 886

HONG KONG, September 21, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- MMOXE.COM (another platform of, a game currency trader, released a free bonus activity covering more than one game currency on September 20th to September 25th PST. The games included are WOW, rift, DAOC, and Aion. Customers buying either 4 kinds of games' gold can get extra free gold. Aiming at rewarding all game lovers, the event will be influential.

During this activity, players who purchase WOW, Rift, DAOC and Aion game gold can get free gold MMOXE.COM offers. The amount of free gold is different according to the games. WOW gold buyers can get up to 15% free bonus on its order amounts. Rift gold, DAOC plat, and Aion Kinah customers can enjoy up to 10% free game currency. This has attracted a good number of customers. "So far half of our entire customer base have taken part in this event. We offer the largest amount of free games' gold," a staff member said. The interested players can visit its official website to enjoy this benefit. This event will valid until September 25th.

Before the event was released, the staffs of the marketing and sales department have done plentiful having undergone half a month's work. First, they collected accurate data from the market to make decisions of the would-be involved games in the activity. Then, they planned how the event would be carried out. After they decided to make it work with the free bonuses, customer support department kindly reminded customers, in the hope that interested customers do not miss this chance. Based on all-sided preparation work, this event has achieved good feedback and many players' attention.

"Since the event, we have received triple our usual daily orders. Thus we have presented a great deal of game currency as a gift in return. Among the four, the WOW Gold is the best acclaimed without doubt. However, the rift gold follows closely. Its rising popularity is obvious. This game is one of our focuses in recent. Rift fans can pay attention to the events on rift later," the executive of MMOXE.COM said in the interview.

MMOXE.COM features overall services and friendly customer support. The safe and fast game service is also one of its strong points, making it stand out amongst others.

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