Globalshareware Introduces a New Computer Monitoring Software to All Office and Home Users

2011-01-17 07:54 1138

BEIJING, Jan. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- (another software platform of DinoDirect) recently introduced a computer monitoring software on their platform for all office and home users: Elite Keylogger. If you want to monitor and record each detail and fact regarding your personal computer operations, now you got a way to solve the problems.

Elite Keylogger is incorporated with special elements that can record and monitor precise details of your computer working even in your home or office quite diligently. It is considered to be the finest surveillance selling computer software precisely meant for recording details. At the same time, any other user will not be able to trace any of your workings or internet surfing on your computer. 

"Elite Keylogger has the advanced ability to record and monitor each and every aspect of chat conversations, logging details, passwords and usernames in the most thorough way without any technical barriers. It has the capability to trace and record information regarding computer operations, clipboard, keystrokes, every computer software or program installed and several other minute details," said Kevin Fenn, the president of DinoDirect. "However, your information will be concealed appropriately and no one will be able to trace your identity or computer work. Elite Keylogger is measured to be an extremely private computer application that will protect each and every detail of the user," he added.

This computer application can also facilitate even level recording of history of all the information and details of your family members, friends or colleagues who may have used your personal computer. At the mere click of the button you can see all the saved information of any of your close links. Elite Keylogger has the unique ability to store and save the information, history and details in a hidden spot on your personal computer. This hidden location can only be accessed by you.

No other person will be able to trace this hidden location. A person that may intend to trace your identity or facts will not be successful in detecting your information. All the work logs and 128 bit encryption details shall be concealed appropriately in the most accurate manner without any loopholes.  

Elite Keylogger has been incorporated with unique elements that will detect each and every new computer program or application. You will be able to detect or know the exact details like day, time, date, medium, window heading and other factors that may be installed on your personal computer. Every fact will be accessed by you immediately with the help from Elite Keylogger as per your current requirement. Elite Keylogger will also let you know the various passwords, usernames, logging details, clipboard movement, desktop movement and several other hidden facts of people who may have used your personal computer. This computer application is considered to be advantageous for those individuals that may be involved in extensive and private dealings.

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