High-end Custom Brand LWW (Lingding) Invited to Attend APEC Meetings

- APEC meeting provide China-based companies with a venue for entry into a new and innovative era
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BEIJING, November 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/-- On November 5, 2014, LWW (Lingding) confirmed on its official microblog that its brand founder Lee will attend the APEC meetings as the sole innovative representative from China's fashion industry, where he will have a discussion based on the theme "New Vision for Asia Pacific: Creativity, Connectivity, Integration, Prosperity" with 21 APEC members and representatives from 16 countries and regions across several industries. At the same time, LWW (Lingding) announced the ongoing cooperation with Maria Pia Gucci, the eldest granddaughter-in-law of Gucci founder Guccio Gucci, and the inking of a contract whereby LWW (Lingding) will represent the GUCCI family brand Giorgio G's high-end custom leather bags business in China and have exclusive rights for creating products under the brand name.

LWW (Lingding) is looking forward to talking with you at APEC!

In tandem with the ongoing improvement in the Chinese economy, the thinking of new-generation entrepreneurs is making a difference in the country. APEC meetings are taking place right now in China, and with entrepreneurs and company managers having the ability to articulate their viewpoint at the meetings, the value that they provide and the sophistication of the audience that are listening what they have to say is providing the opportunity for that audience to further understand the China of today, the strategies of Chinese companies, and what can be expected of them in the future.

Besides the large state-owned companies, such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC) and China National Petroleum Corporation, as well as the China-based internet companies going through its tribulations on Wall Street, companies for the most part have well-defined development strategies. LWW (Lingding)'s most prominent brand is LWW Custom. In its earlier stages, LWW (Lingding) was a custom furniture provider to luxury real estate holders, collaborating with such luxury brands as Colombo Mobili, a professional furniture manufacturer, and furniture brands licensed by major carmakers, including Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz. LWW (Lingding)'s loyal client base, who are aficionados of the brand's original European taste and wide range of choice of styles, has been gradually growing while working with a number of high-quality suppliers in Europe. Designed by an Italian designer, LWW (Lingding)'s showroom on the bank of Beijing's Tonghui River is a wonderful fusion of characteristic Chinese and Western elements. This fusion reaches its best manifestation in the design of the showroom. With the ebb and flow of the Chinese luxury home market and the government's push for economic transformation, LWW (Lingding) Custom, with its acute tactile sense, had, early on, drawn up a development plan based on maintaining the best quality in customer service and being a leader in the government's plan for transformation. This plan is a perfect articulation of the brand philosophy of LWW, which stands for, "Leading, win-win," or, "by leading, we create a win-win situation."

To achieve the objective of being the best in customer service in the most promising luxury product market around the globe, LWW (Lingding) has scientifically researched and evaluated the market according to client demand and has chosen to collaborate with Maria Pia Gucci, the eldest granddaughter-in-law of Gucci founder Guccio Gucci, and has signed a contract whereby LWW (Lingding) will represent the GUCCI family brand Giorgio G's high-end custom leather bags business in China. The exclusivity clause of the contract is the real eye-catcher: LWW (Lingding) can create three design prototypes a year in its China-based ateliers, and if these designs are approved by Maria Pia, the finalized prototypes will be wholly made in Italy and exclusively sold by LWW (Lingding). This is undoubtedly a perfect union, of something being "created by Chinese and designed by Italians," and of being a new partnership model fusing "Chinese Elements and Italian Production." This arrangement is also in line with the type of innovation and cooperation encouraged by the Chinese and Italian governments.

Meanwhile, LWW (Lingding) has put the "Leader in Transformation" plan in place. Several years ago LWW (Lingding) becoming involved in innovative technology transfers, providing differentiated specialized custom services for different markets through acquiring advanced foreign technologies and engaging in different forms of cooperation, such as the introduction of a special explosion-proofing technology for cars, branded LWW (Lingding) explosion proofing, and the invention of vertical oil indication technology, the result of an close co-operation with an Italian company. At the same time, LWW (Lingding) has steered away from the already saturated large oil tank market in China, and focusing instead on the public safety sector, including security of public-use vehicles, police cars and vans as well as school buses.

The technology director of the Italian company that is in cooperation with LWW (Lingding) said: The LWW (Lingding) brand founded by Lee is absolutely creative. It is Lee's unusual but wonderful thinking that has made the application of the automotive explosion-proof system come true. The technology is an innovation that is the result of a "mind meld" between East and West. Chinese peers commented that it was Lee's team that made a development breakthrough for the industry that had jumped into a race to the bottom as a result of cutthroat price competition.

No doubt LWW (Lingding) is fulfilling its strategy through creative designs and technologies, even model innovations, hence expanding the original market substantially, achieving great success and realizing a real win-win situation! The development of such China-based companies, like LWW (Lingding), shows that, besides state-owned companies in China, a number of strong but innovative independent companies are rising too. These companies choose to do battle in leading markets, gaining unique advantages with technology and design innovations, to use management guru Peter Drucker's words. Any competitor knows that these strong but innovative independent companies all have aspiring young entrepreneurs at the helm, just as is the case in developed countries, while their level of innovation will continue to get even more refined! To recall a Chinese saying: The wolf is coming! These new types of wolves are just what APEC is looking for. Their international mindset and win-win ideology has prepared them for the cooperation and innovation with entrepreneurs and talents from everywhere, in tandem with the free, mutually beneficial international entrepreneurial spirit-APEC Beijing welcomes such innovators.

About LWW (Lingding):

LWW (Lingding), the most influential China-based top-level luxury private custom home furnishing provider offering customized designs, private customization service as well as exclusive service, has built a brand image as China's high-end luxury home furnishing custom service provider in all respects and is determined to become the No.1 in China's luxury private custom-made industry. In accordance with the brand theme of "Global Custom, Classic Succession," LWW (Lingding) has successfully led the trend in the high-end luxury private custom-made industry and helped Chinese buyers to realize their ultimate pursuit of an elegant life!

About Giorgio G:

Giorgio G, a new brand created by the first lady of the Gucci family after the sale of GUCCI brand, specializes in handbags and miniature leather goods. Its products represent the best in quality and the most perfect creations, all of which are the new favorites of European nobility.

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