Hitrader Launches the World's First Odds-searching Engine

Hitrader community has become a world-class trader's community with its users spanning over 60 countries.
2014-11-04 01:00 1299

SAN FRANCISCO, November 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- There is an old saying in the capital market, "The best investment is on people". But in the field of financial investment, success in the past does not guarantee success in the future. That is, few people will succeed forever. Therefore, Hitrader has developed odds-searching based on the large scale of traders' behavior data in the Hitrader community to calculate the winning-odds of each trader's next order, which greatly enhances the value of the platform to the community users. Search out a new dark horse & grasp your profit right away!

Hitrader Social Investing Network

Hitrader founder Puhai said: "Google organizes information from all over the world, Facebook gathers people from all over the world, and Hitrader connects trades and investments from all over the world.

"We already have the behavior data of global traders. On this basis, Hitrader will develop in the direction of intelligent transaction data given the rapid growth of the trading data on its platform to build the world's most valuable financial trading ecosystem. And our goal is to redefine trading & investing in the Internet Era!" Hitrader's founder & CEO Puhai said.

As an innovator in the financial trading field, Hitrader's core value is that, "The best investment is on people!" It lets previously highly specialized trading & investing become more simple, flexible and fun ———— invest in human intelligence based on odds. Isn't that Fun?

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