International Talent Invited to HZZK High-tech Industrial Development Zone to Start Innovative Businesses and Start-ups

2014-06-20 20:15 755

HUIZHOU, China, June 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- It is universally acknowledged that people - talented people - are the key to any successful business and, as a result, a solid pillar for the fast growth of society and the economy. Today the competition for talented people becomes even fiercer. To be a winner in the competition for talented people, HZZK High-tech Industrial Development Zone (hereafter referred as the Zone) has officially announced its Global Talent Recruitment Program - The Kaixuan Talent Plan, seeking six categories of international high-level talent for enterprises in the Zone and inviting domestic and international incubators to come and locate their innovative businesses or start up a new business in the Zone. Inviting high-level professional talent from around the globe is a measure the Zone is taking to optimize its human resource structure, and redefine the requirements in terms of talent. The measure may give the Zone a new opportunity to take its rightful place in the arena of international business.

One of the High-Level Talent Service Center's top aides said, HZZK High-tech Industrial Development Zone has increased its financial support to make it more appealing to talented individuals or teams considering relocating to the Zone by allocating RMB30 million and providing a series of matching preferential policies, ensuring them of substantial capital support. It is already been made known that highly qualified individuals who choose to relocate to the Zone can obtain RMB1 million as seed money for their start-ups, and RMB1 billion as venture capital. A 200,000-square meter space has been allocated solely for international start-ups. The Zone further offers personalized comprehensive service solution, including a strategic emerging industry development fund ( 4+2 ) of RMB10 million annually, a monthly living allowance up to RMB10,000, a housing allowance up to RMB500,000, and a unique preferential treatment plan for each company and person.

The Kaixuan Talent Plan is an important talent search and recruitment policy developed and implemented by HZZK High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The Zone has been dedicated to bringing in, training and assisting talented individuals, and adopting effective measures to retain them.

HZZK High-tech Industrial Development Zone has recently completed the terms of the supportive policy for the 6 categories of talented individuals being sought in the Kaixuan Talent Plan. Within the scope of the search and recruitment plan are highly talented individuals, newly prominent individuals emerging from innovative firms and start-ups, leaders or leading teams at innovative businesses and start-ups, individuals with unique skillsets, undergraduates, and postdoctorates, among others.

Most noteworthy is that HZZK High-tech Industrial Development Zone is making available RMB10 million to award qualified leading innovative businesses and start-ups. The Zone plans to award RMB800,000 to one team for its outstanding contributions as their business subsidy, RMB500,000 each to 10 leading teams in innovative businesses and start-ups as their business subsidy, RMB300,000 each to 5 leaders in innovative businesses and start-ups as their business subsidy and RMB100,000 each to 20 talented individuals as their business subsidy in innovative businesses and start-ups. Moreover outstanding individuals can get double awards from the government and their employer.

HZZK High-tech Industrial Development Zone, built following approval of the State Council in 1992, has evolved into a modern, pioneering eco-urbanized national industrial development zone, after having gained experience over its 20 years of existence. Since its founding, the Zone, with its uniquely advantageous geographic position and its broad platform, has attracted many companies from among the Fortune 500, including Samsung, Schneider, Sony, LG, Coca Cola, and established a 4+2 strategic emerging industry system led by manufacturers in the panel display, mobile internet, LED, new energy, cloud calculation application and smart device sectors.

In addition, HZZK High-tech Industrial Development Zone has a 200,000 square-meter incubation support space. The Zone has set up a series of incubators for start-ups in America (Boston and Maryland), Germany and Beijing, through which it provides a home to national incubators. Currently the Zone is speeding up the construction of 2 industrial park accelerators and many functional incubators. With the completion of these projects, scheduled to be finished by the end of this year, the Zone will provide innovative and start-up teams with broader platforms, enhanced environments for independent innovation, and, in doing so, can be expected to attract more highly qualified talented individuals to come and join. As of the end of 2013, the number of talented individuals working in the Zone has reached 80,000, including over 8,000 high-level talents and over 400 individuals who have studied aboard. The contribution rate of this body of talent is 32%. The existence of this talented workforce within the Zone has provided the backbone for the strong economic growth of the Zone and an endorsement of the strong body of intellectual knowledge and skillsets represented by this workforce.

To build a favorable environment for innovative businesses and start-ups, the Zone has been continuously improving the preferential policy over the recent years, and, as a result, highly talented individuals and groups have flocked in and the number of successful incubated enterprises continues to grow. Wang Yang, a candidate who qualified for the "One Thousand Talents Program" (Recruitment Program of Global Experts) in 2013, is representative of the Zone's highly talented workforce populating its innovative businesses and start-ups. He was granted the generous support specified in the preferential policies issued by the Zone's government when he was leading a team undertaking solar panel research and development at the cross-district incubator in the Zone. The antenna effect of carbon nanotubes on new solar cells developed by Wang Yang was massively improved and drew wide attention from scientists and the public. The company (Wang Yang is the incumbent Chairman) set up by his team is the only manufacturer in China that can mass-produce the second generation textured conductive glass. Now Wang Yang and his team are stationed at the Huinan accelerator in HZZK High-tech Industrial Development Zone, focusing on research and development of a special material used in solar panels. This is a typical case of an excellent team becoming a successful start-up with the help of the incubator and the support of the Zone government.