MPL Makes Live Networking More Fascinating

2010-08-27 17:57 1557

 BEIJING, Aug. 27 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- MPL (Multi-cam Panoramic Live), developed by Vodone Group, recently obtained the patent of inventions from China's National Intellectual Property Office. MPL effectively diversifies scenes of online live broadcasting. Adding more sense of reality and visual enjoyments to online video: MPL distinguishes live online broadcasting from TV live programs.

High definition and smoothness have become key advantages of online live broadcasting videos. People are actually watching one-fold video online now, which is transmitted and edited from the spots, exactly the same as live TV programs.  However, MPL materializes the freedom of choice online into the possibilities of watching from multi angles and cameras.

Vodone successfully put MPL into practice on the first online Spring Festival Gala on February 6th, 2010, which was also hosted by Vodone with the support of the Network Administration Office of Beijing and Network Media Association of Beijing. Netizens could not only watch the splendid scenes edited by directors, but also click their way into any camera on the same monitor screen. Sharing some interesting scenes discovered by netizens themselves greatly enriches the process of watching programs. Live moments cannot be played back in the video on demand service (VOD). In this sense, MPL demonstrates the edges of network live broadcasting in comparison with VOD. Vodone started its new website in July, 2010 to bring surprises to more netizens.



Source: VODone
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