V1 New Media Establishes the World's Largest "Chinese Youtube"

- Crowd-funding Model for Innovative Videos
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BEIJING, June 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- V1 New Media, one of the businesses of V1 Group Limited ("V1 Group" or the "Company"), announced the launch of the largest PGC (Professionally Generated Content) platform project in China together with over 500 content providers, including Trends Group, Modern Sky, Feideishou, Zhengyun TV, to establish the largest "Chinese Youtube" in the world for hundreds of millions of video creators in China. Such transformation is regarded by the industry as a milestone in the development of Chinese video business.

Introduction of over 500 high-quality PGC resources and provision of comprehensive service for PGC users

V1 has introduced over 500 PGC teams in the vertical field, including Trends Group, Modern Sky, Feideishou and The Beijing News New Media, grabbing the best copyright resources in the PGC sector. The Company also plans to sign contracts on some key high-quality PGC projects in 2015. Dr. Zhang Lijun, Chairman of V1 Group, expressed that, "As a distribution platform which is cross-platform and cross-terminal, V1 upgrades the whole video industry to the level of a supply chain in China, we put efforts in building the PGC video industry ecosystem, O2O platform and providing a comprehensive value-added service for PGC users which includes equipment rental, capital injection, channel marketing, finding advertisement clients and workplace provision. This is a "Crowd-funding for Videos" model in which a crowd of people invest on creators, creators provide content, content attracts traffic, and investors share revenue with creators."

Dr. Zhang Lijun, Chairman of V1 Group, emphasized that "In the era of Internet Plus, V1 Group has never engaged in and is not going to simply repeat the game of burning money in the video business, but it is going to step up the development of the innovative new model with passion and momentum, to take on the responsibility to realize our intrinsic value in the service provided to our clients, in order to blossom in the new era of Internet Plus."

In order to establish the world's largest "Chinese Youtube," V1 has formulated a long-term detailed plan. In phase 1 "Funding," investment funds will provide financial support to PGC video production studios to help them to grow from small to big. In phase 2 "Education," or the incubating phase, education and entrepreneurship will be combined together so that all PGC teams will continue to receive rational guidance and energy. In phase 3 "Communications," broadcasting will be made through local and overseas platforms to export our values, and the PGC video production studios will undergo a commercialized operation, so as to create a beneficial cycle between influence and economic earnings.

Liu Danhui, Chief Executive Officer of V1 New Media, expressed that "V1 always insists on the "Creator is the core" strategy to keenly develop the mini video market and to actively explore the way of development of the video industry ecosystem in China. In the era of "We Media," everybody is a news distributor, so it is an irresistible trend of providing a professional platform for the sharing and release of their videos. Many years of experience accumulated by the Chinese video industry proves that PGC is the only way to win the battle in the industry."

Accredited PGC enjoys a high revenue share; investment in crowd-funding can be large as well as strong

When establishing the world's largest "Chinese Youtube," V1 has to help video creators to get rich and ahead. The most important highlights of the "Get Rich and Ahead" plan launched by V1 is the zero threshold for accreditation with high revenue share - any accredited PGC user can enjoy a high revenue share without any additional conditions.

Moreover, the "Crowd-funding Reward" plan launched by V1 has also provided for creators the possibility additional income. PGC users only need to create quality, original content and gather a certain number of fans by content development, and then they can receive revenue from their fans.

V1 has tailor-made for PGC users certain new programs such as "Movie Influence" and "History Revision" with a socialized approach. V1 will also initiate a talent project to produce quality programs together with elites from different industries who are interested to engage in the "We Media" spree.

In addition, a revamped version of V1 Circle application will be launched as well. With the aim of "Attention to web surfing, Ability to shoot, Power to share", this cross-terminal and cross-platform application will seize the mini videos market through computers and mobile applications, becoming the largest portal of PGC original videos for China internet users.

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