VODone "V.Cloud" News Platform Comes into Service

2013-02-28 21:50 1620

HONG KONG, February 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- VODone Limited ("VODone" or the "Group"; Stock code: 00082) -- a leading Internet video broadcasting company in China, is pleased to announce that the "V.Cloud" news platform, which integrates videos, news, mobile terminal, UGC and SNS into one, comes into service. "V.Cloud" is a multiple media platform with powerful computing, storage, search and association functions. At the same time, the Company also launched a new company logo and mascot which displays the core values of "Microvideo," "News" and the "Cloud."

The "V.Cloud" news platform adopts the "UGC+SNS" - a user-interaction experience model. Users are able to upload their own videos on the platform and associate with the related news, thus becoming members of the particular circle. The "V.Cloud" news platform can also enable users to interact with one another and make friends through the platform.

Dr. Zhang Lijun, the Chairman of the Group, said, "There is news happening every day and the news are mostly delivered to us by texts and images. After six months of research and development, our R&D team successfully launched the "V.Cloud" news platform, an integrated platform for Internet users to discover the news from the moment it happens and experience the process of shooting, editing, uploading, sharing, associating, extending, publishing and spreading. The news platform enables users to truly become citizen reporters and discover the original issue by associating different pieces of news."

In addition, following the launch of the "V.Cloud" news platform, a new logo was designed for the V1.CN Group. The logo applies the three graphs that are most commonly used in geometry ———— the "Triangle" "Square" and "Circle," representing the core values of the brand of "Micro video," "News" and the "Cloud."

The "V.Cloud" news platform mainly covers the video news channel for the PC and mobile phone users, and nearly 1 billion mobile and 500 million PC users are included in the target markets. "V1" will become an important tool for mobile users to upload, browse and publish the news. "V.Cloud" will also provide games and a lottery channel, thus improving the profit model of the Group's media business through value-added services.

About VODone Limited

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