China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group (CMGE) and Shanghai Dragon TV Formed a Strategic Cooperation in the New Media

2012-05-11 20:50 1597

BEIJING, May 11, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- On April 25, 2012, VODone Limited's ( subsidiary China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group (CMGE) and Shanghai Dragon TV co-organized a press conference in Shenzhen, and jointly announced the launch of a UK-based popular game show - Maidongmenglifang (the original program: The Cube) ("MDMLF") on Dragon TV from mid-May to August 2012.

Shanghai Media Group (SMG) vice president, General Manager of SMG Entertainment and Shanghai Dragon TV director Ms. Yang Wenhong and SMG Operation Chief Mr. Lin Zhiqiang; CMGE Vice Chairman Mr. Hendrick Sin, CMGE CEO Mr. Xiao Jian and CMGE CFO Mr. Chang Feifu; Deputy Director of the Shanghai Dragon TV director Mr. Dai Zhongwei; together with Huawei Technologies, Gionee, BBK, OPPO, dozens of other Android smartphone brands and mobile phone design houses, the news media, and about 100 investment professionals witnessed this significant moment.

MDMLF is a high-tech game show first introduced in the United Kingdom. The original program "The Cube" won the best variety show BAFTATV Awards (highest award in the UK television series) in 2011. In the partnership with Shanghai Dragon TV, CMGE is responsible for building the mobile Android platform, and by using the self-developed Douwan social game platform, helps to launch a mobile social games community with Dragon TV specifically for this game show MDMLF. MDMLF is China's first interactive TV show covering the television, internet and mobile social games network communities.

According to CMGE's CEO Mr. Xiao Jian, through this strategic partnership, CMGE will be responsible for the development, operation and promotion of MDMLF Android based social games community, as well as the Internet and mobile internet communities. TV viewers and mobile phone users can inquire about the MDMLF show's game rules, experience the 3D simulation for the TV live-shows via mobile game applications, and play all the related games on the mobile phones. Players can also win prizes from our sponsors via these trial games and participate in rankings. In addition, the MDMLF social community is the major platform for selecting live audience as well as candidates for real-time game shows. The MDMLF social community contains real-time interactive social features connecting mobile phone users and the TV show audience. The MDMLF social community allows players to experience over hundreds of social games at low costs, which includes competition-based games with prizes. Users are able to get to know people in their surrounding areas through the interactive social platform including location-based services, free text messaging, voice and pictures exchange services etc. This social game community is a great way to connect with people in the neighborhood, build new friendships and exchange information with people of similar interests.

In order to promote the MDMLF social games community (eg: more downloads via this community space), CMGE and Dragon TV promote the show together through all media distribution channels and marketing campaigns. CMGE also helps to promote MDMLF via the app stores distribution channels and pre-installations to mobile phones.

With this strategic cooperation between CMGE and Dragon TV, CMGE's Douwan platform, the social game platform, shall accelerate the penetration into the Android smartphone market in China. Through mobile social community, the TV show audience shall be able to engage in a prolonged manner, enlarging advertising and commercial value.

On May 1, 2012, MDMLF social gaming community has officially launched to Android-based clients, the internet and mobile social platforms. MDMLF will be held every Sunday and the first episode will broadcast in mid-May at 21:15 Beijing time on Dragon TV.

Source: VODone Limited
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