Macworld Asia 2011 Debuts in Beijing, Marking a new Peak of the Mobile Internet Industry

2011-09-22 22:22 1215

BEIJING, September 22, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau and International Data Group (IDG), co-organizers of Macworld Asia 2011, announced today that this long-awaited event opened at China National Convention Center in Beijing. The booming mobile Internet market in Asia, headed by Apple products and extended applications, embraces the first summit that covers the whole industry line. With premium reputation, diversified audience experience, innovative services and state-of-the-art technical training, Macworld Asia is a landmark event in its industry in China as well as the Asia-Pacific region.

According to Apple's financial statements, sales of mobile devices and applications in emerging markets in Asia are rocketing, and China has become one of the areas with the highest mobile Internet industry density in the world.

"As a comprehensive large-scale expo exhibiting the complete industry chain of mobile Industry in the Asia-Pacific region, Macworld Asia 2011 has got full support from Beijing municipal government and many renowned organizations from China and abroad. This event will build a world-class platform of exhibition and communication for China's mobile Internet device and application industry and play a positive role in driving the internationalization initiatives of high-technology innovation industry in China," says Jennifer Xu, Vice President of IDG Asia.

Macworld Asia 2011 covers a total space of nearly 20,000 square meters. A record-breaking 200,000 audience will visit the show according to estimation. More than 100 industry experts and speech guests, as well as more than 100 domestic and international media, will participate in this event. This event is highlighted by the following four features:

Macworld Asia 2011 is a grand gathering of industry gurus from China and abroad and the most premium expo in the world's mobile Internet industry.

Elite professionals of device vendors from the upper stream, application and content developers from middle stream, and downstream platform and sales channel distributors will collectively show up at Macworld Asia 2011 for the first time, to showcase the hottest mobile device, third-party device, and application solutions of this year in the world. Among them, Seagate Physical Hard Disk, which is one of the top 10 enterprises in the Apple eco-industry chain in the world, together with 5 out of the 10 largest vendors in the global accessory market, will appear at the event. It is also noticeable that the four official sales channels of Apple products in China, namely China Unicom, Digital China, ECS Technology and Changhong GIT will also exhibit at the expo, underlining the event's authority position in the industry.

High-end professional forums and user training sessions - International Forum is another remarkable feature of Macworld Asia 2011. Having inherited the concept of Macworld US, this event consists of Macworld Summit, Macworld Technology Summit and Mac User Conference. There will be more than 60 sessions of speeches with an estimation of an audience of 5,000. During the event, Peter Vesterbacka, original developer of Angry Birds, Isao Moriyasu, COO of Japan-based DeNA, which is the largest mobile phone game platform vendor in the world, and business leaders from other leading companies in the world will share latest technologies and their opinions of the market with the audience. Chinese local telecom operator China Unicom will also share their viewpoints about the industry in China. Mike Foley, Managing Director of Global Bluetooth Association and a top expert in this industry in the world, will talk about state-of-the-art wireless mobile application technology and trends.

Macworld Asia 2011 focuses on the hottest topics of mobile Internet and will witness the global debut of many new products.

Mobile Internet industry featured by innovation becomes a trendy and brand-new platform in year 2011. It is widely agreed that mobile Internet communication has entered a new industrial phase. Integrating the three hottest words - Social, Local and Mobile, Macworld Asia 2011 gathers operators, terminal vendors, application platforms, and application services, showing the direction of future development of the mobile Internet industry.

China Unicom will announce new measures on mobile Internet expansion at this event and launch its highlight business and services under the 3G brand "Wo". The world's largest office software provider Microsoft will launch Office for Mac. In addition, a group of professors and technological experts from Berkley College of Music will visit China for the first time and bring top class application of smart mobile devices in the world to Chinese audiences. Many internationally famed brands, well-known to Apple fans but rarely seen, will appear on the show to satisfy Chinese audiences' thirst for fancy new products. In this sense, Macworld Asia 2011 definitely plays a guiding role in this industry.

In addition, the all-new Macworld Asia The Best 2011 prize winners will be announced during the event. It is an annual event selecting best Apple peripheral products and services, jointly held by IDG China and Macworld Chinese Edition. This year, the judge panel selected 27 prize-winning products, brands and cooperation partners in 6 categories of the Apple industry chain from a total of 130 candidate products. It is an authoritative event that gives all-round evaluation of Apple-related products in the Asia-Pacific region, promote best products to the public, and release the results of user satisfaction survey and customers' favorite brands.

Macworld Asia 2011 accentuates business cooperation to facilitate investment and financing in the industrial chain

In 2011, mobile Internet application vendor Rovio Entertainment Oy, which is the developer of Angry Birds, continues its financing efforts. Mobile payment new giant company Square successfully raised funds. It is a well recognized fact that capitals from all over the world are flowing into the mobile Internet industry, which has become a new hot spot to make profits.

The organizer of Macworld Asia 2011 made great efforts to build a "zero-distance, low-cost, high-efficiency" match-making platform. It sets up an "Individual Software Developer Zone" for iOS developers in China, especially local software developers in Beijing, to showcase their abilities and to find opportunities, where they could sit face-to-face with venture capitalists from across the world. This is one of the major measures to facilitate and drive high-tech business in Beijing. At this event there is also an "Investment and Cooperation Center" that serves as a window to investment for Beijing Foreign Investment Service Center. The organizer and "Investment and Cooperation Center" jointly invited professional buyers and venture capitalists from China and abroad to attend the event and provide services to them.

Macworld Asia 2011 will be attended by many government officials, industry experts and company executives. It will become a unique information-sharing platform for attendees to know about the latest policies and market tendencies, as well as to get ahold of a remarkable amount of purchasing leads.

Macworld Asia 2011 creates new experience for users and feasts Apple fans with a grand gala.

Over the past 25 years, audiences at Macworld in different parts of the world are royal users of Apple. So they are at Macworld Asia 2011. Seasoned Apple users from across China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, will for the first time get together in Beijing and experience the latest and coolest technology, products and experiences of the mobile Internet industry. The audience will have the opportunity to try the hottest Apps games in a carnival-style event. They will also be able to see classical Mac products that they have never seen before and learn Mac Pro skills.

Macworld is a world-renowned industry-wide event. Having been held for 25 years in the US, this is the first time that Macworld will embark for China and Asia, reflecting the significant position of the Chinese market in the global mobile Internet industry chain. Through innovative third party Apple products, professional seminars and training session, and a diversity of user entertainment activities, Macworld will build a unprecedented Apple device and application display arena and user communication platform in Asia.

About Macworld

The world-renowned Macworld, initiated by IDG, is an industry-specific exhibition and meeting event that specifically targets Apple system platform. It provides in-depth experience in entertainment, training, communication and enterprise-level application for attendees. With outstanding seminar content, application demo and attractive products, Macworld is always the Mecca for people ranging from entry-level users to IT professionals. The first Macworld was held in San Francisco in 1985. Since then, it was held in Moscone Center of San Francisco for four days in the second week of January. So far it has been successfully held for 25 years.

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Source: International Data Group (IDG)