OPPO Leads the Selfie Revolution with Affordable 16 MP 'Selfie Expert' -- The F1s

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SHENZHEN, China, August 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- OPPO, now the world's No. 4 smartphone maker, announced the upgraded Selfie Expert F1s on August 3, aiming to bring its excellent camera technology to a much wider range of people around the world.

The F1s comes with a 16 MP front camera, Beautify 4.0 technology, an upgraded Screen Flash feature, and gesture- and voice-activated selfies, all for an amazing price, allowing consumers to share their natural charm like no other smartphone on the market.

With the success of the previous Selfie Experts, the F1 and F1 Plus, OPPO has already equipped nearly 15 million expert selfie snappers across China, India, Southeast Asia and other regions around the world. Now, by bringing advanced selfie features to a phone whose price puts it on the starting edge of the mid-range, OPPO will be able to bring superb selfies to even more users.

First Brand to Introduce Beautify Feature

The F1s is the latest selfie innovation in a long line for OPPO.

Starting in 2010, OPPO realized that users were crazy about sharing beautiful pictures of themselves with their friends, but there were no cameras on the market that could really do this phenomenon justice.

So in early 2011, OPPO launched the U701, equipping it with the world's first built-in beautify mode for a smartphone camera, to allow users to catch themselves in their best light, even on days when they had a few more pimples than they'd like.

The U701 was a huge success and encouraged OPPO to develop its beautify feature all the way up to the latest version, Beautify 4.0, with its advanced processing algorithms and 7 levels of intelligent beautification. The U701 also incited other brands to research the popular feature. Today, beautifying features are all but standard on mainstream Android phones, and OPPO continues to lead the trend it started.

OPPO Leads in Front Camera Hardware

On top of its Beautify innovations, OPPO has also led the way in bringing out breakthroughs in front camera hardware, working together with industry-leading suppliers to bring users a selfie experience that redefines what can be accomplished with a smartphone camera.

Since the beginning of the smartphone era, OPPO has strived to bring users the high-performing front cameras that they demand, first by introducing a 2MP front camera when the industry standard was still at 1.2 MP. It was an improvement over the other offerings at the time, but what OPPO really wanted was for its front cameras to be able to capture images as crisp, clear and stunning as their counterparts in back..

It was that vision that brought about 2013's N1, a true original whose rotating 13MP camera meant front and rear photography were equally brilliant. Winning consumer praise, it was soon followed by the N1 mini, which brought the rotating camera to a smaller rig. The N1 was followed by another stellar device, the N3, which sported a fully automated 1/2.3 CMOS 16MP rotating camera, along with a handy remote control for adjusting it.

In 2015, the hugely popular R7, a stylish all-arounder, featured an 8MP front shooter. And it was followed in 2016 by a stunning step forward, the F1 Plus, which was the first-ever device to sport a 16 MP front camera. With its 1/3-inch sensor and f 2.0 aperture, the F1 Plus lays claim to the title, "the best selfie shooter in the world".

Other Industry Firsts

Part of bringing consumers a great selfie experience is making sure they can capture bright, colorful selfies in any setting. That's why the OPPO R7 launched in 2015 with the world' first Screen Flash feature, allowing users to leverage the display as a flash for low-light selfies. A similar feature was later introduced on the iPhone 6s.

Meanwhile, OPPO saw that consumers used selfies to bring friends and family together, which led to the introduction on 2013's Ulike 2 of the 80-degree "golden angle" field of view on the front camera, another industry first that ensured users could get the whole group in the picture. And for when 80 degrees just isn't quite enough, OPPO also introduced a Selfie Panorama feature for even bigger group shots.

From its breakthrough built-in beautify mode, to its high-resolution, rotating cameras, OPPO has spared no effort in becoming the world's Selfie Expert. Now, with the arrival of the new F1s and its brilliant Beautify 4.0-equipped 16MP front camera, OPPO has done it again.

"OPPO is always trying to understand our users even better, and with the help of experts in our imaging laboratory, as well as our close partnerships with industry-leading suppliers, we want to ensure that our camera phones are always a step ahead of the competition," said Sky Li, OPPO Vice President and Managing Director of International Mobile Business.

OPPO's Industry Firsts in the Selfie Revolution:

  • First Beautify feature, the U701, 2011
  • First 80-degree field of view, the Ulike 2, 2012
  • First rotating camera, the N1, 2013
  • First Automatic Rotating camera, the N3, 2014
  • First Front-Facing Screen Flash, the R7, 2015
  • First 16 MP Front Camera, the F1 Plus, 2016

About OPPO

OPPO is a leading global technology brand dedicated to providing consumers across the Americas, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and Asia with pioneering products that never fail to inspire and excite. At OPPO we design, manufacture, and promote our own products, combining innovative technology with unique design, to ensure our customers always receive the best.

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