PTI Purchased NEXX Systems Stratus Plating Tool for Cutting-Edge Semiconductor Packaging Production

NEXX Systems
2011-12-28 04:21 1843

BILLERICA, Mass. and HSINCHU, Taiwan, Jan. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- A leading advanced packaging equipment provider, NEXX Systems (NEXX) sold a 300mm Stratus electrochemical deposition (ECD) system to Powertech Technology (PTI), a major IC packaging and testing company headquartered in Taiwan.  The Stratus will be used for copper pillar bumps and re-distribution layers in advanced packaging applications that enable portable intelligent devices, such as smart phones and tablet PCs.  The Stratus platform is also being evaluated as part of PTI's aggressive TSV commercialization program.  Recently, PTI has partnered with major semiconductor companies around the world to develop and bring to market faster, more efficient devices.

One of the world's top providers of IC backend services, PTI is renowned for the assembly of memory devices.  Commenting on their partnership with NEXX, PTI's Senior General Manager, Scott Jewler noted, "PTI delivers cutting-edge process technologies in a high volume manufacturing environment to major integrated device manufacturers and fabless companies.  NEXX Systems' Stratus will enable PTI to provide premiere technology solutions, such as copper pillar bumps passing the benefits of a flexible system with exceptional costs of ownership onto our customers as cost savings." 

NEXX's CEO Tom Walsh noted, "We are delighted to support PTI in their delivery of exceptionally reliable advanced packaging solutions to the marketplace.  I believe PTI is leading the industry in making thinner, lighter and more efficient electronic devices by implementing advanced packaging solutions in high volume production.  NEXX is proud to be part of the exceptional quality standards at PTI's world class manufacturing facilities."

NEXX Systems brings exceptional technical expertise to flip chip and advanced packaging. The two product lines provide the most efficient, yet affordable, systems of their kind: Stratus for high throughput electrochemical deposition of metals and Apollo for multi-layer physical vapor deposition of metals. Additional information can be found at

Source: NEXX Systems