Spreadtrum Provides Its SR3100 HSPA/WCDMA RF Transceiver to Samsung Electronics

2010-11-03 21:17 1617

SHANGHAI, Nov. 3, 2010 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Spreadtrum Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPRD; "Spreadtrum" or the "Company") announced that the Company provides Samsung Electronics with its SR3100 HSPA/WCDMA Radio Frequency ("RF") chip. Spreadtrum is the leading Chinese fabless semiconductor provider with advanced technology in both 2G and 3G wireless communications standards.

Spreadtrum's QS520 GSM/GPRS and QS1001 EDGE transceivers have been used for Samsung's mobiles since 2009. With the adoption of the SR3100 HSPA/WCDMA RF transceiver, now in full production, Samsung further signifies the confidence it has placed in Spreadtrum.

"We are honored to be selected by Samsung as a WCDMA RF chip supplier." said Dr. Leo Li, Spreadtrum's President and CEO, "With the exponential growth in the 3G, especially in the international end-user market, Spreadtrum finds itself in a great position to take advantage of opportunities both now and in the future. Spreadtrum greatly benefits from the close relationship we have with Samsung, and it will definitely lead us to the right direction."

Spreadtrum's SR3100, a highly integrated single-die radio transceiver chip, is among the most advanced products in the industry with regards to integration and multi-mode standards support. It enables WCDMA, HSDPA, HSUPA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE (HEDGE 3G) operation without external components such as SAW filters, baluns or LNA's (Low Noise Amplifiers). With the benefits of low cost bulk CMOS and other technological advancements, the SR3100 is designed to meet the increased challenges as mobile solutions trend towards smaller size and improved power efficiency. The SR3100 is one of the most integrated and optimized radio solutions for multi-mode and multi-band applications.

About Spreadtrum Communications:

Spreadtrum Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPRD; "Spreadtrum") is a fabless semiconductor company that develops baseband and RF processor solutions for the wireless communications market. Spreadtrum combines its semiconductor design expertise with its software development capabilities to deliver highly-integrated baseband processors with multimedia functionality and power management. Spreadtrum has developed its solutions based on an open development platform, enabling its customers to develop customized wireless products that are feature-rich to meet their cost and time-to-market requirements.

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