TCP, Inc. and JUCCCE Launch First Energy Efficient CFL Consumer Recycling Program in China

2008-11-10 21:58 892

BEIJING, Nov. 10 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Energy efficient lighting innovator TCP, Inc., in collaboration with the Joint U.S.-China Cooperation on Clean Energy (JUCCCE) "China Green Lights for All" program, is launching China's first energy efficient compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) recycling program for consumers. This recycling initiative, announced during the JUCCCE China Energy Forum in Beijing, will be rolled out in 2009 and will provide a CFL recycling option free of charge to millions of consumers. TCP and JUCCCE estimate the CFL recycling program will collect more than two million CFLs every year. The effort is aimed at promoting environmental sustainability and improving the overall environmental health of the region.

"Through this revolutionary initiative, we are able to enhance the environmental benefits associated with using energy efficient lighting products by giving residents in China the first opportunity for easy and safe disposal of used bulbs," said Ellis Yan, CEO, TCP, Inc. "We are proud to be leading this effort and are hopeful the program will be expanded throughout China, offering every resident a CFL recycling option."

In addition to the recycling program, TCP and JUCCCE will be working together to distribute more than 10 million CFLs to Shanghai residents over the next seven years. The CFL program is estimated to reduce more than 2.9 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The CFLs will be distributed through students on campuses and in community centers to help educate and enable the generation most likely to make a long lasting lighting behavior change.

"This is an exciting step in our journey to bring together innovative, market-transforming energy solutions to create a more sustainable China," said Peggy Liu, Chairperson, JUCCCE. "Nineteen percent of the total global demand for electricity is for lighting. The conversion to energy saving CFLs is critical in the fight against climate change. This bold commitment by TCP removes one of the major barriers to consumer usage and paves the way for other manufacturers to do the same. It makes smart business sense."

CFLs last up to ten times longer and use 75 percent less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs. All CFLs contain very small amounts of mercury (less than 3.5 milligrams) sealed within the glass tubing. Although CFLs are responsible for less mercury in the environment than incandescent light bulbs, proper disposal through recycling is recommended.

About TCP, Inc.

TCP, Inc. is the global leader in energy efficient lighting innovations dedicated to creating high-quality products that are brighter, longer lasting and better for the environment. Headquartered outside Cleveland, Ohio, TCP's extensive product line extends beyond CFLs and includes LED lamps and fixtures, cold cathode lamps, exit and emergency lighting, HID, decorative and outdoor fixtures, as well as the first ever linear lamp, ballast and fixture offering. TCP is a privately held company, employing more than 15,000 people globally and totaled more than $300 million in sales in 2007, a more than fivefold increase since 2000. For more information, visit us at or call (800) 324-1496.


Joint US-China Cooperation on Clean Energy (JUCCCE) is a non-profit NGO in Shanghai, Beijing and San Francisco that aims to accelerate the greening of China through international collaboration on impactful programs. JUCCCE is a network of worldwide leaders and influencers who are working across sectors and across borders. We aim to create visible change within 10 years. .

Source: TCP, Inc.