Tsinghua Boosts Evergrande's Leading Role As Its Think Tank

2013-04-10 01:17 2444

BEIJING, April 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 8, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Tsinghua University and Evergrande Group was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. A member of Standing Committee of National People's Congress and President of Tsinghua University -- Chen Jining and Hui KaYan, a member of CPPCC Standing Committee and Chairman of Evergrande Group, attended the ceremony and jointly inaugurated Tsinghua Evergrande Institute. It's the first time in recent years that Tsinghua attended this event with its full top leadership. An original report from Sina Leju follows.

Under the agreement, Tsinghua joins hands with Evergrande in a ten-year cooperation in a comprehensive field, including three areas of strategic technology, personnel training and industrial cooperation, with a depth into production, science, research and systematic expansion. Industry experts point out, as a world-class university, Tsinghua has strategic partners which are the world's top companies and global industry leaders. Evergrande is the first one in the world which has reached such a comprehensive, in-depth and long-lasting strategic cooperation with Tsinghua.

The two sides plan to make full use of their respective advantages to create an innovative research institute with a combination of industry, university and research, in-depth cross disciplines and advanced and flexible mechanism, which will conduct targeted research in the field of corporate strategic planning, operations management, construction engineering, planning and design, construction and materials, and give advice on ecological, energy-saving and environmental construction, and building livable cities.

Tsinghua Evergrande Institute is an immediate and independent institute named after an enterprise since Tsinghua's history of school-enterprise cooperation. The Institute is the first one with the dean from Tsinghua's leadership and a research team of dozens of world-renowned academic figures, which will be an industry, university and research platform with the largest scale, highest level and most powerful strength in China and even in the world.

Insiders point out that Tsinghua's civil engineering discipline group ranks first in the country and 17th in the world. During the cooperation period, Tsinghua will provide Evergrande with 300 scientific achievements and patents related to the above disciplines, "tailor" for Evergrande with industry research reports and three-year strategic planning each year, and provide professional advice on its annual business plan.

As experts say, the operation mechanism and cooperation mode of Tsinghua Evergrande Institute will achieve a "seamless connection" in the industrialization of scientific results, greatly promote Evergrande's development in the fields of ecology, energy-saving and environmental protection, and help Evergrande in further creating a livable life for the people, to ensure its number one position in China.

According to the agreed plan, Tsinghua University will for the first time set up a designated Master Program in the corporate headquarters (Evergrande Center), with the three most popular majors of Master of Engineering, MBA and MPA at one time. In the future, the Institute will become a think tank and human resources base of Evergrande, which further improves the competitiveness in the comprehensive development of enterprise development strategies, operation management, technology application and personnel training, and help Evergrande compete for industry leader in the world.

As industry experts point out, the strategic cooperation of Tsinghua and Evergrande is joined forces of a world-class university and industry leader, which opens up a path with the reference value for Chinese school-enterprise cooperation, and will be a strong impetus to the country's economic development and social progress.

Source: Sina Leju