UNDP China and Jala Group to Give Culture-based Development for Ethnic Minorities a $1m Facelift

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SHANGHAI, Feb. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in China announced today that the UN's development arm is partnering with Jala Group, a leading domestic cosmetic company, in a landmark public-private partnership aimed at assisting some of China's most vulnerable and impoverished ethnic minority communities by testing out alternative livelihood pilots and harnessing the market potential of their rich and diverse cultural heritages.

China has the world's biggest ethnic minority population, amounting to 106 million. Although China has made remarkable achievements in poverty reduction in the past three decades, ethnic minority groups are still disadvantaged as they account for nearly half of the China's poorest.

"Ethnic minorities possess rich and distinctive ways of life which, if properly preserved and managed, can be a strong driving force for development," said Silvia Morimoto, Deputy Country Director of UNDP China, during a press conference that took place in Shanghai today to announce the partnership with Jala Group. "Yet, lower levels of market development in remote areas have meant that local communities have not been able to turn these cultural resources into valuable capital for development. To tackle this challenge, the UN is seeking broader partnerships from all sectors of the society, including those from the business community committed to supporting this important cause."

This four-year initiative in conjunction with Jala Group is set to provide crucial linkages between the traditional cultural practices of ethnic minorities and modern market trends, broadening production and marketing channels for community-based tourism, handicrafts, and cultural resource preservation.

In an effort to provide ethnic minority populations with alternative livelihood, employment opportunities and income generation, plans to establish pilot project sites will focus on building capacities and engaging with local champions, ensuring that communities remain as the architects, owners and beneficiaries of the project's anticipated success.

Zheng Chunying, CEO of Jala Group, expressed his delight at being "the first private enterprise in China to cooperate with UNDP in this unique development area". "UNDP strives to promote culture-based sustainable development of China's ethnic minorities, having provided a tremendous contribution to the protection of their unique cultural heritages whilst helping them improve their livelihood and generate income. In this respect, Jala Group shares the same vision, which is to promote a culture of beauty that helps people build a better life."

As an innovative company, with a keen eye on its own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations, Jala Group's investment of $1million over a four-year period represents a substantial pledge from one of China's leading enterprises. More importantly, it also sends a clear message to the country's bourgeoning private sector, at a time of great economic upheaval, about the need for businesses to continue to provide lasting contributions to national development.

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