VODONE Launches Radio Subway Line 0

A milestone in the new Internet era for mobile phone users

BEIJING, Dec. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- VODONE Group announced today the official launch of Radio Subway Line 0 in Beijing, providing subway commuters with a rich variety of tailored online radio programs. The launch of the Radio Subway Line 0 has set a new market milestone in VODONE's business expansion, and started the new era of China's Mobile Internet. The Radio Subway Line 0 will enable underground subway riders to enjoy a wholly new media experience in the country.

At a press conference here today, Zhang Lijun, Chairman of VODONE Group, made the opening remarks on VODONE's prospects in the future. Zhang Lijun said that VODONE is committed to the development ideas of "Innovation and Creation", and by using Web2.0 as the major battle fields for the company's development, VODONE will focus on creating new Internet media platforms so as to meet Internet users' preferences and requirements. In 2010, VODONE strengthened its position as "micro-video news portal" and launched 3G application products, such as net radio station "Subway Line 0" and the Internet social community "Linfo", which won high popularity from its customers.  

Since the pre-launch test, during the trial period of only 150 days, the Radio Subway Line 0 recorded more than one million software downloads, becoming one of the favorite mobile Internet applications by office people who often take the subway. The usage of Radio Subway Line 0 is quite simple: it only needs users to pre-install the client applications on their mobile phones. The radio platform covers eight radio programs or topics, ranging from early morning news, noon news, private cars to interactive, psychological talks. It begins broadcasting online at 4:30 am every morning and ends at 24:00, the radio programs' total time-length each day is 19 and half hours.  

Yang Shuojin, CEO of VODONE Web Department said, "Radio Subway Line 0's task is to create a new life experience for office people taking the subway. It brings people into the whole new mobile Internet world. People can have the all-around online interactive experience anywhere and anytime. "

Internet analysts say that the launch of Radio Subway Line 0 is an important innovation in China's Internet industry. It realized the perfect integration of Internet and mobility, which contains both Internet and 3G mobile technologies, providing more values to customers through online information and online interactions.


VODONE is a new media group. Founded in 2005, it is one of the few enterprises in China, that owns a complete set of licenses to operate video broadcasting on the Internet. VODONE owns the powerful broadcasting platform, and it has broadcast thousands of domestic and international political, economical, cultural and commercial activities over the Internet. VODONE is broadcasting China to the world and also the world to China. VODONE's major products, including "Lottery View" mobile lottery, "KKFUN" mobile games, and "Linfo" Internet social community, etc. have been well recognized by the public. VODONE is always committed to the development of new media chain, and to bringing business partners a wide and safe growth space. For more information, please visit

Source: VODone Information Engineering Co., Ltd.
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