Vodone Debuts MOBUS, Expands into Mobile Advertising Market

2010-09-08 05:29 1861

    BEIJING, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Vodone Group announced today that China's largest online broadcasting advertising platform has been upgraded to "1bus" ( ). This newly-evolved web platform has two major line products: VBUS and MOBUS. VBUS will continue to focus on the traditional online advertising business, while MOBUS will turn to emerging mobile Internet advertising business.

    After nearly one year's trial test, MOBUS ( ) now goes online together with 1bus ( ) at the same time. MOBUS is designed to integrate large amounts of mobile phones' application GPRS flow volume and WAP flow volume, and is recommended to advertisers for corporate brand advertising. With powerful technical support, the MOBUS platform can realize the full coverage of advertisements over smart phone terminals, allowing advertisers to improve the accuracy of advertisement placements to their target audience, while enabling advertisers and end customers to have deeper interactions through the mobile Internet. The new platform will provide advertisers with more variety of advertising forms, as well as high-efficiency, good-quality mobile Internet advertisement services. This business model is completely the same as AdMob, the mobile advertising company which Google has acquired by spending 750 million US dollars in May.    

    By connecting to 10 million mobile terminals, providing more than 20 million mobile Internet advertisement spaces and enjoying nearly 100 million high-quality, stable data flows everyday, MOBUS has currently become one of China's largest and most powerful mobile Internet advertising platforms. MOBUS and VBUS will be packaged together to be sold to advertisers. With Vodone's integrating MOBUS into 1bus platform, 1bus will not only improve the online platform structure, but also make its advertising business fully cover PC and mobile phone terminals. As a result, this will help 1bus realize the sharing of data flow, advertising products and advertisers, strengthening greatly both its collaborative effect and profit-making capabilities.

    Zhang Lijun, Board chairman of Vodone Group, said, "MOBUS will help turn 70% of free mobile GPRS flow into revenue. Then, while providing services to advertisers, Vodone will place advertisements on MOBUS, through which Vodone will sell its abundant advertisement resources. In the future, Vodone will also place its advertisements from V1, Caishijie, Linxun and Ego on 1BUS."

    With China's 3G business in full swing, the number of Chinese mobile phone users has reached 780 million, and the value of mobile phone media has been increasingly recognized and highly estimated. According to AC Nielsen's report on mobile business, the conversion-into-potential-buyers rate of mobile phone users is 5.3 times that of traditional website visitors, which will attract more and more advertisers into the mobile internet sector. MOBUS will have a brighter future.

Source: VODone
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